Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#sayyesproject: Take 2: A Bishop Fishing Trip

Round two of the #sayyesproject going down right here. Right now. 

In early September we celebrated Mr. T's 25th birthday and our second anniversary. I, foolishly, asked Mr. T what he wanted to do this year since it could be his turn to pick the celebration. His answer, "Fish in Bishop." 

Bishop is a small town in central California with a population of 3500 people during the summer. During the winter, all who can escape to warmer climate. Yes, we're going to go there and head straight to the wild. Hike to streams and fish our hearts out. Except, this girl isn't really into fishing. Especially not for hours on end. Or even days in a row. 

So, I said no. Nope. Not celebrating like that. And then, I remembered my point in all this was for us to say yes to things we don't want to try. 

Instead of saying yes, I booked a hotel room for three nights. And told him we were fishing all weekend the third week in September. Then, I regretted my decision off and on. Thursday night we left work, packed the Volt, and headed north. Five hours later we arrived safe and sound and tired. 

I baited my own line. Which scared the tar out of me because those super worms just kept moving and wiggling despite my chastising. Jason said that's where I can get better at the yes part. Yes, I can touch a wiggling worm while I hook it. I said baby steps dude.

I could write all night. But that'd be boring. So enjoy some shots.  

I ended the weekend laying in the grass reading like a busy bee. Jason caught eight fish. Me, only one. 

We hit up some small local bars and restaurants. We played sand shuffle board and I won. We drank mimosas riverside all afternoon. We almost killed the Volt gaining so much elevation in such little mileage. We called the cops on some drunk parking lot fighters. We slept till 10:00 one morning. 

It was so not my thing. I didn't wear a stitch of make-up or wash my hair. (I did shave my legs every day) I didn't fuss over my outfit and just sported workout gear, though I had my Star-Buckies every darn morning. I peed in the wilderness by necessity (not choice) and lived to tell about it. Oh, the adventures of Bishop. 

The boy was in his element and it was adorable to see. I, on the other hand, prefer a little less nature and a little more glamour. We can't always get what we want. And, truth be told, I'd do it again -minus running into the barbed wire fence and puncturing my left knee or shredding my right shin on some pokey bushes. 

I loved it. Though, I hesitate to tell him so. I left Bishop feeling content in my marriage. Content in my choices. Content in life. And, to be honest, it's been a while since I felt that way. Content.  

How'd you say yes friends?
Will you try something new before our next link-up? 
Please, say yes and share my dears. 

See ya'll again on November 5th, yes? 


  1. Proud of you, Boo Thang! It doesn't really look that bad, honestly. Good for you for getting out there and for starting this project!

  2. awww! That looked like a blast though girl! I love this project and I may have to start saying yes a little more!

  3. #2 down! you do you lady friend. i don't do worms either...or touch the fish. i will sit in the boat and cast my line til the sun goes down. i meet him halfway!

  4. It sounded like a pretty good week-end ! Well done ;)

  5. I am very proud.
    I love to fish - but there is no way in hell that I'd make a three day thing out of it. I would have read and drank the whole time. Wait, no bathroom? EH, I still think I would have drank. Its the only thing that makes fishing for that long tolerable.

  6. THANK GOD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. The mimosas took the edge off... More than once or twice. Especially since the number of fish I caught wasn't any sort of exciting for me.

  7. Thank you! It really was a good weekend! Although, I was happy to be home in my bed with my make-up and accessories. :)

  8. Oh #2. And it was a bit of a doozy! :) No worms. NONE. And, the amount I screamed when I caught a fish might sound like I was being murdered. Because ew I don't touch those squirmy, scaly things.

  9. You do!! Then share with me! :) Just when I think I can and should say no, all of you guys remind me that I NEED to say yes!

  10. It wasn't that bad. Minus how bad we smelled after the sweat, and fish, and worms.

  11. "I peed in the wilderness by necessity (not choice) and lived to tell about it." LOL omg, this just made me literally laugh out loud!! I love the idea behind this and can't wait to SAY YES in Denver.

  12. You look pretty professional! I don't think I'd be too keen on the worms either haha. PS: Love the new header :) x


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