Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'll Be Your Best Friend If...

Remember when you were little and your best friend was the person who save you a seat at lunch. Or was always the person in class you pointed at when there was a partner assignment (usually right before the teacher said they'd be picking partners). Today, I'm sharing the adult equivalent of the BE-FRI and ST-END friendship necklaces and spit sister pacts (which were gross then and are especially gross now). 

You know you're my grown-up best friend when... 
We send each other blog post links and YouTube movies. 

Your family is just as messy and dysfunctional and lovely as mine. 

You have great taste in perfume.

We buy two of things because you NEED to have one if I do. 

You understand that I abbreviate many things in random, nonsensical ways. Like 'buckies.

You realize excitement is contagious AND ALWAYS NECESSARY.

We text entire conversations in hashtags #becausetheyaretheshit.

You don't mind my HORRID dance moves. And by don't mind, I mean, you join me. 

You understand all emotions go well with food (or drink). 

You believe sarcasm is the most supreme method of communication.

If you don't have a best friend, you're in luck. Wikihow has a whole How to Make a Best Friend tutorial. 

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Speaking of friends, this month I'm sharing my sponsors with you in a little Q&A... And, they had to send over their best Halloween costume pictures. HILARIOUS. To kick the month's sponsor highlights off, we have my dear friend Megan from Yammering Yankee. She spent the month on my sidebar and now she's going to close out the post for me!
Megan is the devil. Just in this picture, not in real life.

You can find more of Megan here: 

Also, Megan didn't link to it, but she offers some BADASS blog design services that you NEED TO CHECK OUT if you're even contemplating a redo of your space. (Mr. Thomas & Me is a part of her resume!)

1. What cocktail would make a weekend full of fishing tolerable for you? 
Oh jeez I loath fishing so I would probably say an entire cooler of PBR. It's easy drinking but can keep me sufficiently buzzed for the entire day.

3. Your all time favorite book... And why? 
Ohhhh this a tough one as I have many favorite books each in different categories. I guess if I had to say one it would be White Oleander by Janet Fitch it made me feel like a productive normal person. 

3. If your life were an OPI color, what would the name be? 
Don't Burst My Bubble. Life has been so crazy recently with so many ups and downs I am kind of in the ignorance is bliss state of mind and really dislike it when people burst my bubble.

4. Share your favorite post of your own as well as a favorite piece by someone else. 
Indecent Proposal
by yours truly 

(Jen says everything I want to but am too scared to post)


  1. Loved your post and my spotlight! I really wish I had a picture of when I dressed up as a crayon in 2nd grade instead of the devil photo as it would have been less embarrassing hahah.

  2. DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS! But seriously. These are all awesome. And perfect. And oh so true for someone I would be friends with. Sarcasm and bad dancing especially.

    And love the highlight of Megan- costume picture is too funny!

  3. So we are basically best friends. That's what this tells me. Except we are getting the damn necklaces.

    PS--GIF of LEO dancing sealed the deal, not the content of this post. ;)

  4. love this. i've now learned through yours and megan's blog posts that i can be besties with both of you. which is great, because i love online besties. (that kardashian gif made me squeal).

  5. wait until you see mine...it's....intense.

  6. Haha, I definitely have that best friend :)

  7. ahahah I can't wait!

  8. Kathy@Vodka and SodaOctober 15, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    yes to all of these things! esp the horrible dancing. horrible dancing just gets better with vodka, don't you think? :D

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Hahaha this was so funny! I totally annoy people with my use of hashtags and sarcasm... thanks for the laugh today!

  10. We're best friends. ESPECIALLY when we lay in hammocks and read books and drink wine and listen to Bon Iver (and Mumford & Sons?). Then I get too drunk and fall out of my hammock and we dance around idiotically in celebration. We WIN.

  11. #sarcasmisalifestyle #andsoarehashtags #forgivemeyousuckanddontunderstandthat

  12. Vodka is essential for horrible dancing. It brings out my best "moves".


  14. Who cares about content when Leo arrives? Not I.

  15. I dressed as a lion once. And cried the whole time. My mom dressed my brother and I up as trees with a clothes line in between one. And we hated it. You've inspired ANOTHER post.

  16. only if we move to Utah..... brother husbands lol



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