Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hazel Here: A Happy Birthday Report & A Giveaway!

My dear Miah,

Spupps here. Just stealing the spotlight from Mama and writing you a little note to tell you what you mean to me on the day committed to you. You're my jam, boyfriend. You're my dear boy. My partner in crime and my hero at times.

The way you encourage me to do wild things makes me so much braver than I'd ever be on my own. Yes, you're the best. The only reason I ever fall in the pool is because I'm chasing you to and fro which distracts me from where my feet go.

Thanks for leaving the gates open to Mama's garden, because I couldn't get in there otherwise. Those pumpkins, I love them and I love you for making them available to me. But, why didn't you eat the one I left on the door step for you?

Rolling around in the yard with you is my favorite pasttime (don't tell Mama though because she thinks it's going to work with her). I don't know how you have so much energy because some days I hardly feel like I can keep up with you! It's okay though because it makes me sleep so good at night even though Mama always wakes me up petting my floppy ears.

I know I got in trouble with Khronos that one time. But, he isn't really the one for me. You're this dog's best friend and no other man can be as fun, kind, and caring as you. Especially when Mama and Pop don't come home before dark and I'm cold and whining at your door. Those blankets you bring me always make me feel warm and fuzzy -on the inside AND the out.

Happy birthday my boy!
You're my favorite thing since sliced turkey from the fridge or a rat from the bushes. 

Even though Pop wouldn't share any of his chocolate cake with me AND that Mama is mad at us for eating cake in bed, I've got a surprise for all you faithful friends of Mr. Thomas and Me. I've pulled off a giveaway without her knowing! You read that right, the FIRST EVER Mr. Thomas and Me giveaway! 

You'll win a spot in next month's (as in the SOLD OUT) November 7th Happy Hour Hangout. Yep, you'll get yourself free admission into the hour long shenanigans that is Happy Hour Hangout as well as a spot in the morning-after reflection post. All courtesy of my birthday biffle and me, the Haz-Heathen. 
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  1. Oh, how I love this dog! Just want to hug and cuddle her. She's too cute! I'm sad because I have to skip out on this giveaway. Nov 7th is my wedding anniversary and I plan to be away somewhere celebrating! December is going to be my lucky month cause it's my birthday! :)

  2. Oh Hazel you're just too precious!

  3. What a great giveaway!!! I'm excited!
    Stephanie @

  4. I'm so glad you appreciate their good looks like I do... And, PUH-LEASE tell me that you're doing some lucky dances so you can join us! :)

  5. Oh girl, Happy Anniversary! So happy for you to be away and celebrating... That's a good enough reason to miss the hangout in my head! :)


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