Friday, October 11, 2013

God has Brought Laughter

Friends, I've been keeping a secret from you. It's awful and sad I haven't done this earlier. But, today I right the wrong. 
Meet my Mama Bird. 

She's a stud in all ways of life -like handling dementia, working out, dressing cute, loving God. And, HERE'S THE SECRET, she blogs. Yeah, my mom's got Facebook and Instagram AND SHE BLOGS. I'm genetically fabulous because of her.

So, you must meet her. Not because she's a sponsor here or because she is a hot shot around the blogosphere (though I think that of her), but because she will teach you the depth of laughter while lying in the trenches of sorrow. 

She is the modern day Sarah -as in the Old Testament bible woman. She's wrestled with the plans God's got for her. She's pushed against His will and begged for Him to change our journey. And, she's rested in His peace. Through it all, she's held onto that deep laughter that only God can bring in the throes of tragedy. 

"Sarah said, "God has brought me laughter, 
and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.'" 
-Genesis 21:6

In her twice weekly visits with Popsicle, she finds hilarity brings it home and writes about it. You'll be in stitches before you make it through the first half of any post. 

Dementia sucks. It's ugly and sad and hard. But laughter brings a soft edge to the devastating disease. And, Mama Bird sees those laughs so very clearly. Then she shares in hopes of honoring His ability to provide lightness in the depths of darkness. Oh, my genetics. 

From panty liners and fire alarms to fake butterfly wings, she's got a humor all her own. A humor that's God honoring and belly shaking. She's a brave woman facing a tough stack of cards dealt by the dealer of life; yet, she rocks her journey -our family's journey- over and over and over again.
You'll notice our similarities extend far beyond our hair color and nose and smile. You'll see the way our words are close, but hers are wise from the years she's spent being a badass Mama Bird. 

So,  do yourself a favor. Join her in the laughter. Because, if anyone knows how to laugh, it's her. 


  1. Hi Mama Bird!!

    Love her. Love that she gives you the gift of laughter! Love the Biblical connection.

    Just love you guys.

  2. this is so good. you guys are adorable (surprise, surprise), and i love how close you two are. hey hey hey mama bird! love from your daughter's soul sister, which makes me your soul daughter. creepy? probably. oh well!

  3. I always wondered if this was your twin! Hello to your beautiful mother and I'm loving her first few posts I've read so far! I Can for sure tell you are cut from the same cloth xo

  4. As if the pictures you share on Instagram aren't enough, the way you wrote about her makes me want to meet her (and you of course) all that much more. I love how you compared her to Sarah. What a great testimony to share with others that even in sorrow we can find joy. Xoxo!

  5. She's such a gem. SUCH. A. GEM.

    And, her laughter is so good for me.

  6. Oh she'd LOVE a soul daughter. Especially because I know it'd be so natural for you two. And you'd love each other over a gin and tonic (which we know is the best cocktail EVER).

  7. Your girl is going to feel JUST the same way about you. I have no doubt. :)

    She's a real gem and thankfully, genetically, she gifted me some of the gem-dom!

  8. I WISH SHE WAS MY TWIN. Oh how well that would bode for my genes... Although, daughter is a close, close second! :)

  9. I have no idea how I came across this post... {OKAY I'M CREEPING} but holy HIJKLMNOP! Your mom is PRESH!


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