Sunday, September 1, 2013

What I Learned: August

August was a month that held lessons, yes; but mostly, dear memories. In looking back, the month was a beautiful, beautiful time filled with sun, family, and fun. We remembered that summer isn't forever so we did things different and made sure those extra moments of light were spent doing adventure in the form of hours in the pool, nights in front of the dart board, evenings atop bikes to local restaurants. There's something sweet in those bitter reminders that the sun won't be warm and summery in just a few weeks. 

1. Though some days seem long and never-ending, time flies. 
2. Vulnerability is beautiful and rewarding. It’s important to recognize it in others and to cultivate it in yourself. 
3. Dry shampoo (or if you’re fancy like my Mama Bird and I: shamps) makes mornings easier and hair bigger. 
4.  Dangle-y earrings make me feel like a grown up. (And are on sale at Target right now) 
5. Just because there’s bad memories from years before, doesn’t mean the day’s destined for bad. In fact, you can actively make it good, great, wondrous.
6. Internet friends ARE real friends. 
7. I love accessories. Though I already knew this, summer is my time to sluff off the jingle-jangles and let my wrists run nude, but I missed all the sparkly fuss on my wrists. 
8. I can write hard things. Because I believe deeply in doing hard things and putting hardness into words creates community. 
9. Sensitivity to others is a skill that’s acquired by much practice over time, its’s not an innate ability. 


  1. Time goes so fast.
    I am learning that about blogging friends, too. You can make real, life changing friendships.

    I'm still working on the vulnerability thing. Especially with the MR. I agree its beautiful... just not necessarily on me? hahah. I think I'm an ugly crier and feel bad making others coddle me.
    You'll have to encourage me to be normal.

  2. Ashten@alwaysashtenSeptember 3, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    #6 is about me, isn't it you feisty fox? :)

    Iooooove you.

  3. I'm such an ugly crier. And my voice gets so high pitch I sound like Minnie Mouse. Oh, and my nose gets all runny. Cool. Maybe we can sit next to each other and be a pair of vulnerable ugly criers together.

  4. Dry Shampoo is literally my best friend. I get to hit snooze because it exists. Nothing is better than hitting snooze. Nothing.


  5. You know I always think while I'm ugly crying...
    "man, this would be way more tolerable if there was another person sitting next to me, doing the same thing."

    Glad to know that there are some true friends out there.

  6. Isn't it terrific? Seriously, I have mastered it and go days with the dry version of shamps. LOVE IT.


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