Saturday, September 14, 2013

#sayyesproject: The Link-Up

A few weeks ago, I shared how my anxious mind creates a desire in me to say no. I tend to say no, even to things I really want to try. So, I issued a dare that came in two parts:

[1] Say yes.
To anything really. Anything to which you'd want to say no.

[2] Write about it. Or Instagram it. Or tweet it.
Just share it to inspire the rest of us YES sayers.

Then I promise a little tale of my own Yes Project. And a link-up. Today's the day to bare it all while you share it all.

This inaugural round of my #sayyesproject looks small and seemingly insignificant, but was a part of a larger change in perspective.

I said YES to a night swim with my dear family and a glass of wine.
I'm an early to bed, early to rise sort of girl. So the text that came at 8:35 pm, asking for a dip and a drink immediately summoned a no. The alarm's set for 5:45 am tomorrow, I can't skip that sleep... And the extra calories in those drinks, can I really afford them right now? 

The alternative answer: YES

And I did. And it was full of laughs and care-free moments and refreshment in the cool waters of the pool despite the humid, sticky night heat. 

There were words to be written, bible verses to be read, prayers to be said, dreams to be had; instead, I took a pause. A pause that was just a few hours long, but filling to my soul and, thus, to my creativity. Rather than pour over my list of things I needed to do, I spent time enjoying a step away from pure productivity. And I needed it. I didn't know, but I was desperate for the break from the grind. 

In saying yes I was reminded that, while my online life is well and good and interesting, it doesn't occur without my real life being the same. Well and good and interesting looks like a thirst for all things new -adventures, travels, friends, books. So, I write that discovery on a sticky note for my mirror at home, my computer at work, and my dashboard for the in between. 

Also, magically wrapped into one yes were two others:
1. Post a picture of myself in a bikini on the internet for all to see.
2. Take glass in and around the pool. Isn't that forbidden everywhere? 

There's a few more BIG and little yes moments coming in the next week. Holy smokes, I seem to have taken this dare and made it more of a DOUBLE DOG DARE. If you didn't have the chance to say yes this time around, join us for #sayyesproject take two on October 1st

How'd you say yes friends?
Was it to adventures? Or rest? 
Or something completely out of your ordinary? 


  1. good morning ladycakes! here's to a great day of the #sayyesproject! big hugs to you.

  2. YES. Yes to you being amazing, yes to you writing your heart. Yes to you being able to step away from the grind (I know how hard that is) to find a moment of fun. YES to how true this is: "while my online life is well and good and interesting, it doesn't occur without my real life being the same"

    I adore you, and so does everyone around this place. <3

  3. YAY! So glad I got involved and said YES these last few weeks!! And you look fab girl x

  4. Kathy@Vodka and SodaSeptember 15, 2013 at 3:06 AM

    when i'm at work, it's "NO" like, 95% of the time but that's because the office is mostly filled with morons who want to pass the buck so this Say Yes project has no business being there.

    however, saying yes to friends and family comes often to me unless they want to go bar hopping at like, 10pm and sorry, ain't nobody got time fo' dat. it's always great to get out of routine once in a while - you'll always end up being pleasantly surprised!

  5. Kathy, you make me laugh! Work makes me want to say NO for life!

    You are far more mature than me... That 10pm bar hop would have me so tempted! :)

  6. Girl, your YES moments were so lovely! As are you. Duh.

  7. That's why your blog's so legit. Because your real life is. Even though you don't think so. I will convince you of it! :)

  8. Thank you for participating. For coming here and bringing so much of you. You encourage my heart.

  9. Wine in the pool sounds (and looks!) super awesome. I think that was a perfect "say yes" haha Hope it was as fun as it looks


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