Monday, September 9, 2013

Personality tests are so NOT our thing.

Blogtember calls for a personality test and then our take on the results... I'm anti personality test. Because really, what test can capture all the crazy in my mondo-head? The correct answer is (e) none of the above.

So today, I share with you about our -yes our, as in Mr. T and me's- personalities.
 Mrs. T
1. Getting my Starbucks gold card was like winning an Emmy. Keeping gold status is approached much like an Olympic sport -with much practice and dedication.

2. I hang dry my running shorts -only my running shorts. Yes, I only feel like athletic clothes are worth special treatment. Am I sick in the head?

3. My moms my biffle. And I don't care who knows it. Or who judges it. Best get yourself a hobby if you're sitting around worrying about who I hang around. 

4. Running is what maintains my sanity. Literally.
Mr. T
1. Slept in a room with no windows for years. Air flow is unimportant when he's sleeping (unlike Mrs. T's preference for open windows and fresh air).

2. He believes clothes are all the same so they should all be laundered in the same way. Several white t-shirts turned pink later he was banned from laundry day. 

3. His Weber bullet would be what wood (heh, heh, points for the pun?) be saved in a fire... Even though its fireproof. 

4. Nature is his sanctuary. (It ain't mine)
...And what we share... 
1. Dancing is our groove. After a few drinks and the perfect tune, we'll be rocking till closing time.

2.Less than eight hours of sleep and we're riding the struggle (grouchy) bus. 

3. We're both shy in our own ways. Thankfully, those ways are different so one of us always compensates for the other. 

4. Pictures are something we're bad at. We always talk about wanting more of them around the house, but then we forget to take them in the first place. (Hence, why there's some recycled shots around these parts)

What's your big personality quirk?
And, do you have a gold card? 


  1. Ashten@alwaysashtenSeptember 9, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    Big personality quirk: I will never, ever leave the television, the volume on my computer or any other device on an odd number. Odd numbers bother me like none other.

    Another big personality quirk: I have a trifecta of death: tired, hungry and uncaffeinated. If these are happening at the same time RUN FOR THE HILLS.

    I also use my humor as a defense mechanism.


  2. And this is exactly why I love you both!! So individually unique and perfectly made... The dancing all night and then sleeping all day (at least 8 hours!) makes us best friends - just wish we could do it together now! x

  3. Omg I'm like 10 stars away from gold card and I'm finding like every excuse in the book to go to starbucks!! Literally at this point I'm offering to go get my co-workers coffee so I can get stars! It's a problem smh.

    But I'm like you, I'm pretty much anti-personality tests. I mean I've studied sociology & psychology so I get the methods behind the tests & all that stuff, but still - I don't need a test to tell me how crazy I am, my boyfriend & my family do that enough lol.

    My biggest personality quirk would probably be my weird need/obsession with being alone. I just thrive on being by myself in silence for long periods of time. It's weird and I'm glad I have friends/family/boyfriend who understand it haha.

  4. bahahaha yes. (everything is making me laugh today, as i'm sans caffeine, day 7-ish?) sometimes i wonder how MM and i ever made it together. opposite in almost every way, except the important ones: morals, faith, family and dancing feet. i banned from the group if i ask what the hell a starbuck's gold card is??

  5. YOU ARE INSANE. NO CAFFEINE. I'm not a HUGE coffee girl (only one cup a day) but my mornings are DREARY without it.

    No gold card?!? That means you've not been sucked into the ridiculous Bucky's (that's what I call Starbucks just to contradict their beautiful branding) consumer culture. This makes me love you even more.

  6. Girl, in college I earned the thing and I refuse to give it up. I do have a major grudge against the star system in that you only get 1 star per visit regardless of how many drinks you buy! Hello, four drinks should be four stars!

    I'm a lone-ranger too. At night I like to be quiet and alone for at least an hour... Originally, Mr. T thought I was some anti-social weirdo, then he realized it's my recharging time and I wouldn't complain about what he had on TV. Win-win.

  7. IN THE MAIL!?!? Yes, Bucky's won't know what him 'em.

    I also hate odd numbers. ESPECIALLY on my thermostat in my car. HATE. Jason loves it and antagonizes me by changing every number he can to odd.

  8. Oh my goodness yes. Why did South Africa and California end up so far from one another when the world was made?!?! Seriously though. I ponder that a lot.

  9. Why oh why is it so far??
    I guess California is on my bucket list and South Africa better be penciled in on yours? A blate will DEFINITELY happen x

  10. Yeah I've got a love/hate thing going on with their star system! I can't wait until I actually reach gold though. I might be more excited to get that card in the mail than I was when I got my college acceptance letter!

    My boyfriend though I was very weird at first too! I think he still does, but he accepts the weirdness lol. (I like the term lone ranger too! Think I might start using that to describe myself!!!)


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