Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's our anniversary, we can cry if we want to.

It's serendipity that Blogtember prompt is

Tuesday, September 10: 
Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I write about two years ago today. 
The day Mr. Thomas & Me was established.

I love the gentleness of his arm wrapped around my torso. The way my hand clutches his elbow. How my lips graze his cheek as his do mine -though you can't see it. The way our ears match. My mom's beautiful, composed face filled with serenity and not tears -because she kept saying she was going to cry. Jason's eager face filled with youth, expectation, and, mostly, nerves. His hands open, poised, ready to accept me as his wife. His surfer hair that's since retired for a more professional look. My eyes closed tight, allowing me to consciously soak in the moment that I didn’t know I’d have forever on film. 

This is my favorite picture of us -the newlyweds and the veterans- from our wedding day. They hand me off with utmost confidence in our journey, knowing full-well marriage is defined, not by normalcy or continuity, but by what you'd never expect. They stood in support of us with 25 years of marriage to draw from -with knowledge of the blessings and woes of life dedicated to another human. 

Little did any of us know how much unexpected would fill the next two years. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand unspoken prayers. Our hearts are captured in ways invisible to the human eye. The four of us stood full of love, excitement, and hope as it should be on a wedding day. But our feelings extended beyond that ceremony and the following celebration of us. 

That day, we decided to grow the love that made us family. We were filled with excitement about the life we were all going to share. We hoped deeply and purely for dad's healing, for an adventure-filled Thomas union, for a family free of disease -physical, spiritual, and emotional. We stood together and promised to one another that we’d be more than relatives, but family who does hard times together. And, how we have. 

Two years later, I see the way their confidence empowered us to rise to the ugly occasion that is unexpected loss. One retracted offer on a house, two emergency room trips, and three plan derailments later, I realize they knew not only could we do marriage some good, but more importantly, we could do family outside of our newlywed party of two. One hundred and four weeks later, I understand how God works through marriage, how He defines us, refines us, and breaks us in the context of a life-long union. Twenty four months later, I hold the faith they did that very day -that we have the strength to do the hard times because of Him. 
Though I expected we’d look older, more serious, more mature, two years later, I never expected the vast difference in our insides. 

Today, I recommit myself to you Mr. Thomas. 
Knowing full well I can endure those bad times. 
Filled with utmost confidence in our ability to handle the unexpected. 
Grounded in the work God’s done in us and thrilled about what is to come. 
To say I’m proud of Team Thomas would be an understatement. 
Because I see His glory in our story and we’ve barely just begun. 

Our marriage mantra shall be this:

“Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.” 
― Clive BarkerDays of Magic, Nights of War

Because we've done it once. And we can do it for life. 
But only as a team whose roster includes family, friends, and Him. 
You in Mr. T?

In parting, Happy Anniversary Jason. 
You're pretty alright if I do say so myself.  




  2. Fantastic post!!! And I love the line "They stood in support of us with 25 years of marriage to draw from -with knowledge of the blessings and woes of life dedicated to another human." That is definitely what marriage is..dediciation, whole-heartedly to another. Thanks for sharing!
    Stephanie @ meetwithasmile.blogspot.com

  3. Awesome post :) I love the comparison of you as newlyweds by your parents with their 25 years. My parents have been married 35 years- and they make such amazing and wonderful role models for us in our marriage! love it.

  4. What a beautiful photo and an even more beautiful story. I love what you've chosen for your marriage mantra. After ten years of marriage, I can completely agree with that statement!

  5. I LOVE YOU - happy anniversary!!!

  6. you know how i feel about this.

  7. Happy anniversary my sweet friend - I am so proud of you and Mr T and so happy for you both too!! You are a truly amazing couple with a love so special and so strong that I know can never be broken, just grown and strengthened. You have been through so much and overcome so much, side by side. That photo is so special - two amazing couples x

  8. Happy Anniversaire to the both of you ! You're a lovely couple and I wish you the best !

  9. So very sweet! Happy anniversary, you two. Beautiful post.

  10. This is such a sweet and loving post. You are a beautiful couple and I wish you many more years filled with happiness and love. Happy Anniversary!! Xx

    (And a big welcome to IC!)

  11. Thanks for visiting Stephanie! Parents do a lot for their kids... Even when they're grown up and married! :)

  12. Isn't it amazing the example that all of those years are to you!?! Some days I marvel at the time, experiences, and moments that fill that time. :)

  13. Sarah, thank you! It's so encouraging to know that after ten years sentiments can remain... Though the times and circumstances change, there's still the heart and emotion! :)


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