Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Pop-sicle

Today is Popsicle's 61st birthday. 

Yesterday we had cake and dinner under the setting sun with him. It sounds more lovely than it was because dementia rips all of the loveliness out of life and then some. Though it wasn't lovely in terms of the world, it was love-filled. And today, we celebrate his life before this disease. The lessons he taught us, the laughs he brought us, the love so sweet it could rot us. 
The ten lessons he rocked my world with:
1. Brevity is an art; an art much appreciated.
2. Even if you don't know everything, act confident, -sometimes- that'll get you further than answers.
3. Invest yourself in your life's love, this ensures you'll never lose your professional or personal passion.
4. Go about life in bold, that'll make you impossible to ignore.
5. Take risks. They're always worth it -though it may not be in the way you expect. 
6. Who cares if patterns match? As long as you've got clothes on, you're fashionable. 
7. Create and keep tradition, it's what makes family so.
8. Failure only happens when you actively choose not to pursue your ambitions as wild as they seem.
9. No one can ignore a girl on a tractor.
10. Life's best when lived fast. No one's got time to waste on worries and sadness. 

Happy birthday Popsicle.
I know you wish you were here to celebrate with us emotionally, but you're on your way to overseeing that big job you've got to do up in heaven as you prepare for us to make our grand entrance one day. Thank you for the way you filled our lives so deeply, so purely. And thank you for continuing to do so without knowledge of it.

This song always makes me think of you dad. The heart behind it is yours. Thank you, dad. I love you so dearly.

Shane and Shane - The One You Need (Official Music Video) from shane-and-shane on GodTube.


  1. Happy birthday, Pop-sicle. You are so good for the world because you're in it. Thank you for your lessons and your light. I don't even know you but I love you. :)

  2. What a heartfelt post and great lessons shared/learned! Happy Birthday Pop-sicle, you sound like an amazing man wish I knew you too!

    xo andrea @ oh!jewelicious

  3. Oops sorry for the pic accident!

  4. Happy Birthday Pop-sicle ! I hope you've enjoyed this day ;)

  5. No worries! That headshot is PRECIOUS! :)

  6. He was an amazing man. Who, despite his illness, still happens to be quite a charming soul. :)

  7. He ate more cake than humanly acceptable. Thus, he wins!

  8. "You are so good for the world because you're in it." --> Even when he's sick he makes the world a better place. And, how dementia thought it could ruin that. Thank God for Pop's major character.

  9. Pinterest ain't got nothing on the mess that's my life! :) Girl, it was hysterical with him. Like, he tried to eat a candle. And then half the cake in one bite. Thank goodness for a good sense of humor in all of us. Him included.


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