Monday, September 23, 2013

God was there.

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? 
Yet not one will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father." 
-Matthew 10:29
This is a picture of a dead bird in my garden. I don't usually do this whole dead animal picture thing. But, it's got a point. 

A sparrow seems to have fallen from the sky over my garden. And he's got me all twisted up inside. In my head he was flying along all peaceful and birdlike when suddenly BOOM he dropped to the ground on his back dead. And, like all dead things, decomposition began. The ants came in to get their fill along with other bugs of decomposition (of which I don't know much). 

I stood in the garden, motionless except to snap a picture. As I stared upon the peacefully passed corpse of a palm-sized bird, I couldn't help but think of Him. How God was there in that moment as he fell to the ground. God was there. He watched over and cared for this bitty bird as it fell a fatal fall. 

He's here now. Watching me write this. Now, while you read. Later, when works long and it's only Monday. Later, when the lunch hour feels short and the afternoon ahead so long. Later, when you're pouring another mug of coffee feeling that 2:00 pm slump. Later, as you drive home to make dinner, to drink a glass of wine, to watch some mindless TV. And later still, when it's time to lay your troubled mind down to sleep. Do you feel Him? 

I don't either. Not usually. But lately, I've been more intentional in reminding myself of that dead bird in my garden. How he, in his death, was important and not outside of God's care. How I, in my life, am important and inside the care of a great and glorious King. That feels good to think. To know. To write. To read. 

Oh, the mind blowing goodness for you on a Monday morn. 

And, how about a song that's been rocking my world? (It's about sparrows my dears)


  1. this is a good way to start monday. dead bird photo and all.
    (p.s. i love this song...please tell me you've heard the sister act 2 version. it's so so so good.

  2. Ummm adore the sister act version! actually i've never really met anything about sister act i don't adore. mostly whoopie though.

  3. Mmmm. I love this Amber.
    As I pour my first coffee, and sit down to start some more work - I'll try and remember.
    He's here. Even as I think that what I'm doing is not on his radar.

    And for the photo of the dead bird...
    Thank you.

  4. I can send you the picture framed. Only the best for my dearies.

  5. I love it.
    I should have taken one of the flies, and we could have exchanged?

  6. Yesterday, I felt him. Weekly, I turn in a prayer card at church along with the offering. For the last year, my cards have read, in various forms and pleas:

    "Pray that I can study hard enough to pass the bar."
    "Pray that I can make sense of all this wedding planning."
    "Please Lord, find me a job so we're not destitute!"
    "Pray that I passed that super-difficult exam!"
    "Let me just make it through this wedding week hassle!"
    "Lord, please give us safe travel on our honeymoon."

    And yesterday, I realized that all those things have happened. I made it through a summer of 7 day a week studying WHILE I planned a wedding. I found an amazing job with good pay and benefits! I passed that bar exam and I survived a hellish wedding week. Then we arrived safely back home from a wonderful honeymoon, even after choosing to fly home on Friday, the 13th.

    And then, I sat in awe of His blessings and simply wrote, "Lord, please help me appreciate all the prayers you've answered."


  7. The chills this gave me. Oh my. Up and down my arms. Appreciation is so hard when it feels like there's so much we need. But really, it's just Him we need, right? Oh my soul loves this so.

  8. Oh yes. Flies. Birds. Dead. It's about to be an art exhibit. We shall be rich, highly sought after artists.

  9. yes. whoopie forever.


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