Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do it to it Bub.

My bubba -the older of my two little brothers- left for school last week. Oh my soul is sad without his loud, crazy, hysterical spirit around. This boy is the definition of absurd. And, while he pushes my buttons like no other, he's the little brother who's done so much of life as my teammate. 
Dear Bub,
While I was searching for the perfect picture to capture my thankfulness for your last summer of irresponsibility, I found this gem. You seem to be loved not only by all the people gathered around you, but by my pup too. How do you do that? It's like there's a magnet inside of you the makes people want to know you. I haven't got the pull like you do. Maybe I can take notes one of these days, though I imagine it'll take longer than that. 

Mr. Thomas is lonely without your loud mouth around. He's used to having a mandated man-date across the yard and now, you've up and left him. If I get pulled into some car waxing, beer drinking scheme, you're doomed. You will receive more threatening and angry older sister texts than the average day. I'll send a bear your way to take you down. 

I guess I miss you being around too. I have no one to harass endlessly for no good reason. Or to shoot darts with and win. Or to go pick up lunch at work when packing one is just too much to do in the morning. Or to bring Buckies to unexpectedly. Damn it. Why'd you have to go to school again? 

Anyways, it's your senior year fool. Do it. Whatever fun stuff comes your way, just do it. Because, this is the end dude. You're going to end up working and being all responsible like me (questionable statement) before you know it. So, be it a country-club theme bar crawl, the Bacon Fest, or some other shamefully ridiculous shenanigans, do it and savor. If not for your own fun, do it for me. Because, there's days where I'd give my left leg to go back to college for a weekend (that runs from Thursday night to Sunday). 

And, remember, resumes suck. So do interviews and applications. They come with stress as a package deal. Yes, you're trying to figure out life, but the thing is, you'll change your mind a hundred times. And you're allowed to because it's boring to have everything figured out. Embrace those moments of transition and uncertainty. You've got nothing to weigh you down till you sink, so take a risk or seven. Then, bask in the successes and cheers to the failures. 

In parting, the words of Friedrich Nietzsche: "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist." 

Just do it. And take Him with you. He'll follow and redirect if necessary, but mostly He'll come along for the ride because He wants you to choose, to move, to try all while He is there. 

Do it to it Bub.
P.S. If you're work genius looks as creative as a redneck hot tub, any and all employers will be lucky to have you. I can print this out full page size for your resume should you so desire. 


  1. I love this! Such a sweet things you say! And such truthful things!

  2. So sweet.
    what a lucky man, to have you as a sister.
    and redneck hot tub - genius.

    tell him I said that.

  3. Girl, the sun heated it. The thing was HOT. And, who doesn't love a floating Styrofoam container of beer? This girl says yes.

  4. Oh welcome love! So happy to have you! :) (And to have my Bubs too). Please stay, enjoy, engage. We will be so thrilled to have you!

  5. Oh Chelsea, you are so dear. In ways I can not count on my fingers. :)

  6. Have you ever thought of doing stand up in your spare time? I can hear you saying these things to Scoot and I am cracking up! You are wise beyond your years girl and express yourself beautifully. Must have been passed down through your good looking, smart and funny parents who traveled with the circus

  7. Kathy@Vodka and SodaSeptember 25, 2013 at 5:25 AM

    are they sitting in the back of a pickup?


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