Thursday, September 12, 2013

A purpose was born.

Going all Blogtember on you pretties again. It starts slow, but stick with me loves. It'll be worth it. Pinky promise.
I started blogging in college, mostly because I read a lot of blogs and I thoroughly enjoyed writing outside of academia. I'd post once a month, at most, but never thought much about my purpose or readership or goals.

Then I married Mr. Thomas and we moved to my hometown which is significantly smaller than beautiful San Diego where we spent our years of dating through college. Making friends didn't come easy and sometimes I'd mop around because I didn't have anything to do. Jason encouraged me to do that blog thing again. So, I did. Again, randomly, without purpose or goals. But more transparently than the first time.

A year later, dad's health took a turn for the worst. And I stopped blogging and started being mopey and sad. After a few weeks of being sad, Jason encouraged me to find the good and to write out the emotions like I always did. Fine, I said. But this time, it looked and felt different. My writing was vulnerable, it was about Him and us and dementia and marriage and faith and issues of faith and so much more of my heart than my kitchen or my running or planning a wedding.

A purpose was born. And a community of readers started speaking back to me. They said, "Amber I know this feeling. You aren't alone." They said just what I needed to hear.

Mother Teresa said it right, "We belong to each other." We do belong to each other. 

As I put words out there to share my experiences and my emotions, I get the same back. I find solace in those shared moments that, though they aren't identical, are similar, are emotional, are hard. And little by little we build a bit more of community. Because we do belong to each other. 

Every time our words resonate in each others' hearts, we are furthering that connection. As we share, we find friends who have been there and encourage us to make it, to hold on to hope, to cling to faith. Our vulnerability breeds more of the same, causing walls to be dropped, facades to be melted, and perfection to be forgotten. This leaves us standing beside one another bare and unashamed.

In the same way that I said yes to blogging, to sharing, to reading, to sharing myself online, you did too. We've turned to one another and invited strangers to speak into our lives with words that contain more power than even we are aware.

And, this Saturday, we will say yes in a bigger, online context of community. 
Please join us friends.


  1. This is the best part: We belong to each other." We do belong to each other.

    I can honestly say you are one of the best gifts blogging has given me. We instantly connected like we had been friends for years. You are such an inspiration, an encourager of my work and a true friend---and it's only been, what? 3 weeks? I am so lucky to have you, boo thang.

  2. This is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. exactly. and whatever you write, is enough. remember that part especially. no cookie cutter is going to hold you in.

  4. Thank you for coming by Chelsea! :)

  5. whatever you write is enough. i needed that. but you knew my need already. :)

  6. you are too kind. too sweet. too wonderful to have as mine.


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