Monday, August 19, 2013

Things I've Learned by Taking Selfies Every Damn Day

I'm a fashion plate (highly questionable statement)... So much so, I've decided to share my clothes pairing skills on my Instagram most days of the week.

No doubt, posting pictures of my outfits was super awkward at first... And it showed in those pictures. Then I joined the #coasttocoastchallenge that occurs every Tuesday and Thursday... After much love, I decided to branch out. Turns out I learned a thing or two!

1. Don't stick your butt and boobs out with an arched back. Push your hips forward in line with your shoulders and stick out your neck. 

This'll actually make you look thinner. And not quite so... sexy. Plus, once I read somewhere that the more uncomfortable you feel in your pose in a picture, usually the more flattering it looks. Oh, that's just dandy... Let me get my right foot behind my left ear and see how good I really look.

2. Having a photo every day helps keep you aware of your body. Things starting to fit tighter? My guess is it isn't just your shoes. Or water retention. 

3. Mix up the wardrobe baby. It's a challenge not to wear the same seven outfits on repeat (which I'm apt to doing)... And I don't work in an office where I have to be all fancied up or even half way decent so the pictures help keep me out of yoga pants and running shorts on repeat. 

4. Make-up is fun. Especially when you try and mix it up. Something I haven't done previously. 

5. People enjoy seeing you smile at them. If even just in a picture.

I used to take shots with my head cut off because... I could? Then a friend asked what my face looks like on top of the outfit... And mentioned she'd like to see the hair and makeup that finish my looks. Ummm, really? Somehow that had never crossed my mind.

Truth be told, people don't smile that much, so I'm one smile they have insured.

Mostly though, I've learned that I love to look at myself. I'm just as self-involved and self-interested as the next girl. The instant gratification that comes from my beloved "LIKES" and comments and questions can quickly become a drug of sorts. While I don't know that I'll stop posting outfit pictures, I have started thinking about what's behind them. Am I doing them for me to feel better? Is it to ensure followers? Why?

Right now, I tell myself it's because I like to keep track of cute outfits (truth, they have a folder in my phone), but will that continue to hold water? ...I can't promise. They'll keep coming because, for now, I'm enjoying it. But there may be a day when I mature beyond the self-involvement that they are and when that day comes, it'll be time to redefine my Instagram


  1. I love the brutal honestly with yourself. Gotta respect that.

  2. Please don;t "mature" and ditch the selfies - I love them too much and they keep me going each day. You look so gorgeous, every. single. time.

  3. i adore you. just went and searched for you on instagram so i can like all of your selfies :)


  4. So true, great post

  5. GORGEOUS gorgeous gal. I love this post. You're my favorite!


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