Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Tale of the Tat

Today we bring to you the Tale of the Tat.
Like the Tale of the Tape before a good MMA fight, but not as short and not ending in a brawl. 

The short of it: I'm in love with the ink.
More importantly (in my head), so is Mr. Thomas -the man who told me several times that there's to be no more tattoos.

Here's the before. Pardon my nosy heathen, Hazel, who's sniffing all over my stretchy, stretchy pants.  
My artist, Joe, was fantastic. He had my stencil completely drawn and prepared as soon as I walked in the shop. My appointment was at 11:30 and the actual tattooing was well underway by 11:45.
I felt nervous, until he got going. Then I felt excited. And his calm, easygoing attitude made it simple to relax and enjoy the process.
I sat for five hours. And Joe did his thing. Breaks only to change the needles. Which was my time to hit the bathroom and take progress pictures... Because what's a blogger to do! 
The whole process was fascinating beyond belief. I've never had such a large piece done and the extensive shading is new to me. That picture looks bloody but it's mostly black and red ink. 
(There was some blood, but nothing scary)
He taped me up and I headed home. (Puppy butt photobomb!) 
I waited the hour he told, then came time to share it with Jason. 
And we were both surprised with the beauty of it. 
The details are amazing. Though they aren't captured quite as much as I wish here. 
The cross is beautiful and the same as my dad, mom, and bub's. 
The infinity sign at the foot of the cross is understated and precisely what I wanted. 
The roses look black in the center, but are closer to red and pink... It'll heal lighter. 
The sparrows (the significance of them is here) flying above the cross are perfect, Sailor Jerry style. 
But my favorite, my absolute favorite part: Humphrie the Hummingbird.
He's beautiful -minty, turquoise, just beautiful
I adore him. 
This girl is thrilled. And, I can't wait to see it settle in as it heals. 
And, in the midst of it, I enjoyed time getting to know a man who's life revolves around ink, around skin, around stories. We talked about ultra-marathons (he does them!), books, family, art and our love for it, and God. Like the tattoo says, I felt God there, present, and providing a moment of conversation about Him with someone I wouldn't expect... I imagine there will be more where that came from with such a public piece like this to start such chats.

Friends, wherever life takes you, whatever you love, 
go there and seek Him because He will show up. 


  1. It's beautiful!!! I wish I was brave enough to get a half sleeve...maybe someday when I don't work in a professional office and I'm doing graphic design full time ;) lol

  2. So so so so so insanely beautiful! I Have a gypsy girl on my arm that is also Sailor Jerry style (if you want to impress traditional tattoo artists or people interested in them, call him by his real name: Norman Collins) LOVE IT!!!!

  3. adore. i so enjoy hearing people's stories of their tattoos and what they mean to them, even though i will not be getting one myself (it's just not in my heart, what can i say?). yours is just gorgeous my dear.

  4. Wow!! It looks awesome girl and I am so proud of you and all this tat stands for in your life x

  5. This is beautiful and major props for sitting so long through a tattoo like this :-)

    xo Laura Beth

  6. I love it. It is so beautiful. I have yet to respond to your email but know that I have much more to say about this tattoo. Also know that you're making me itch for my next installment. AH! The wait! I can't wait!

  7. I love it and what it represents! You're so brave for getting this--I am too scared of needles to even dream of getting a tat. I love how excited Hazel was about your stretchy pants. Warner literally sniffs EVERYTHING and it drives me nuts. Nothing gets done without his consent! #Boxerlife

  8. I'm diggin' it! Beautiful piece for a beautiful lady!! :)


  9. The shading is just gorgeous!! What does the one on your foot say?


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