Friday, August 30, 2013

The #SayYesProject: An Introduction

I love to say no. Truly, my mind fills itself with What If catastrophic scenarios that throw me straight into terror mode and NO burns within me. Sometimes, I do say no. It's followed by an immediate regret. A realization that I should, I deeply want to, despite all odds I need to say YES. 

Let me share what saying yes has done for me. 

One time I went zip lining with Jason. Then I stood on a tight rope hundreds of feet up in the trees (harnessed of course). I loved and adored it so much, we did it again. Yes once turned into yes again.
Once I ran down a pier in the pouring rain with my family. We were soaked, but happy. Smiles outdoing the weather. Another time, I sweated my ass off with those same people hiking to the top of a random mountain in San Diego, loving it and doing it again and again.
One time I said yes to a boy about a cruise. We hadn't been dating long, but he wanted me to take the chance and travel. First, I said no. And insisted on it. Then, months later just before it was time to go, I said yes.
Once I said yes to the top of the ski slopes. My legs burned with nerves and tired muscles, but I slipped and slid my way to the lodge where I felt accomplished and promptly ordered myself a gin and tonic. I did this with the man I love who happened to be more nervous and less sure than I...
Once I said yes to drinking a fourth of a bottle of fireball and eating a hamburger and fries in my bed after a weekend chock-full of country music. The worst hangover ever followed, but the laughter that filled the following morning after my shenanigans made every head-pound worth it.
Once a boy asked me to marry him. And I said yes. Haven't regretted it a day since... Even when I had to beg him to wear tacky, but celebratory shirts in Mexico with me. Oh, if he only had a clue. 
Convinced yet? 

Friends, here's the #sayyesproject summed up for you:

When you want to say no, or when you do say no, change your answer and try yes. Then, enjoy it. Or dread it. Or hate it. But, be glad you said yes. Be it to a night out, a new food, big or small, adventurous or mundane, just change your answer. 

Instead of saying no, just say yes. 
Take a picture.
Or just commit the moment to memory. 
Then share it.
On your blog. 
(There'll be a link-up on September 14th -gives you two weeks!)
On Instagram. On Twitter or Facebook.
Make sure to use the #sayyesproject hashtag so we can keep tabs on each other. 

Most importantly, share to inspire someone else to say yes! 
Here's a button for you to grab and use as you wish. 
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  1. I love this idea ! How many times did I regret not going to a crazy party or going on a week-end with a couple of friends just because I was scared or lazy ? I am definitely saying YES to this ! I'm in ! :D

  2. Love this idea!! I always have that thought, "what if something bad happens?" haha Saying NO is the easiest, but I will give a shot at a "yes."

  3. This is such a great project! I'm definitely a "yes" girl and can't wait to take part!

  4. I love this! I will definitely be linking up and can't wait to start jotting down some ideas :) Already added it to my calendar!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  5. Oh my goodness how fun ... now I have to get thinking :-)
    Oh and my stomach burns just thinking about fireball but I have a pretty similar story haha

  6. When Erik (the boyfriend) and I first started dating, within the first week, he asked me to take a trip with him to England. I said no. Four years with him later, I'm still regretting that I said that.
    I love this. I'm doing it.


  8. I've been doing a lot of thinking about the feeling of regret... And how easy it is to say no and tell yourself why you did only to wish it was different later. I'm so glad to have you involved girl. And I can't wait to see what it changes for you!

  9. Fireball will always smell like death to me. You can bet that's one yes that might not ever be repeated in the history of me, but it was fun in those moments! :) So thrilled you're joining Laura Beth!

  10. I love your new project.
    That is all.

  11. So glad you're joining in Mathilde! I can't tell you how many times I told myself it'd be easier to say no... And it wasn't when after the fact I had to deal with the regret of missing out.

  12. Ok -- I'm tootttaalllly late to this party since I've been so freakin' busy with wedding planning this past holiday weekend and today -- but THIS is amazing! I'm totally on board! Wooo!!!


  13. Oh. Em. Gee. Your wedding is such a STELLAR YES! Just in case you were worried about what to do.

  14. I love love. And your love makes my love expound. Let's be YES friends.

  15. My FIRST thought is all the bad things that can happen. Such a sad way to approach the adventures life throws our way! :)

  16. Okay I know I am SO late with this but I would love to do this! It sounds like a blast! Let me know if you have another coming up soon :)


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