Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life Currently {August Edition}

Here's a new mid-month check-in I'll be doing. Found the essence of the post here and now working on making it more Mr. Thomas & Me style. Forgive us while we figure ourselves out here. 
...wearing my new favorite turquoise sandals. 
...asking myself why I didn't buy another pair of said sandals in another color.
...reading Where'd You Go Bernadette? 
...watching the end Real Housewives of Orange County season and feeling over it. 
(in all truth, I'd prefer to sit through a season of American gypsy weddings.)
...trying to keep on the clean eating train. 
...eating cottage cheese with chopped veggies and sriracha. Mostly though, sriracha.
...drinking red wine. It's my new love and it makes me feel so adult.
...going through's Blog workbook. 
...loving honey goat cheese. Have you met it? Heaven on earth tongue-feel for you, folks. 
...hating dementia. Oh wait, I've said that before? At least I'm consistent, right?
...discovering the vastness and amazement that is the Influence Network
...enjoying the late evening sun. If only I had a porch to sit on and enjoy that light, that breeze, my wine. 
...ruminating about this Incourage devotional that has changed my approach to God for the last few weeks. 
...feeling awe-filled. Not to be confused with awful. God's doing big things with me right now. 
...hoping to be like the Lee and Morty one day. I'll dust, I promise, if Mr. T fusses over my safety.
...listening to jazz. Louis Armstrong has stolen my little heart.
...thanking Brittany for her beauty. Inside and out. 
...wondering what life will happen this month. A month is a long time and lots of life happens between the 1st and the 31st. 
...finishing the Gospel of Matthew and moving on to Mark. 
...starting to miss small groups and doing life in an intimate context.

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