Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Believe: A Fly-Over of My Faith

I didn't expect there to be such a reaction to my I believe post, but as I've been going through my week God laid I Believe: Take 2 on my heart. That's born this post: my faith in a fly-over, drive-by setting.

It's by no means completely documented here and, quite honestly, it's ever changing as far as the details go.

Mainly, the point is I believe deeply 
in a powerful, glorious God 
who loves me endlessly and, as a result, 
has changed my life profoundly over the years. 

(BTW: all typographic verses can be found here, though each is linked to it's individual spot on their site)
I believe 
Jesus died for my sins and yours too. 
In God's love -vast as the space from the east to the west.
Grace, mercy, and goodness are becoming on everyone.

I believe 
His gospel is centered around His love for us, not our failures.
We all want to know the whole story now, but that would take the fun out of faith. 
Christianity isn't all black and white, but is mostly grey.
I believe 
In God's goodness as well as His timing (that sometimes seem to be conflicting).
In the power of prayer to change one's heart as much as the circumstance. 
The trials we undergo are most formative to our faiths and our lives.

I believe 
I sin more than I don't. 
Said sin doesn't change a bit of His feelings about me.
You're a sinner too and His affections for you are unchanging. 
I believe 
I am forgiven.
More than I'm forgiven, I'm loved.
You're forgiven and loved too. 

I believe 
Love can erase gaps in generation, race, culture, location.
Love and relationships are more important than legalism and obedience.
A heart is best filled with affections for Him and others than a list of rules and obligations.
I believe 
Homosexuality is a sin.
Condemnation, a judgmental spirit, and self-righteousness are sins too.
In marriage -gay or straight.

I believe 
Christian or not -we're all walking contradictions.
(5 points if you've caught the reference here) 
Judgment feels easier than love, but love gives life to beauty while judgment simply hurts.
We're allowed to disagree. The disciples didn't all agree with Christ and He loved them all the same.
I believe 
In equality under Him -regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
Jason and I can lead our home as en even team and still honor God.
In families bonded by love, not by obligation.

I believe 
Saving sex until marriage is best -logistically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Not waiting doesn't make you dirty, used, or broken 
-we're all that way because we're human, not because of sex.
Sex is for more than just making babies.
I believe 
In obedience to Him, to elders, to work.
There's times in life where you respectfully and inquisitively question what came before you.
Those times are often called growth and maturation. 

I believe 
As hard as I try a gentle and quiet spirit is not descriptive of mine. 
My soul is beautiful despite being ornery and stubborn. 
Standing strong is more becoming than being a doormat.

I believe 
The bible is overwhelming in wisdom, truths, and tales.
The internet is a legitimate bible reading tool.
Growing up in church doesn't make you more like Jesus. 

I believe 
Worship takes many forms, but the kind that comes in the form of words speaks powerfully to me. 
Church looks different to each of us. The important part is God and community. 
Words have the power to heal and inspire while also being able to hurt and damage. 
I believe 
He made me for just what I'm doing 
-for writing, for marriage, for sarcasm, for a life passionately pursuing His love and yours. 

I believe 
He made you for just what you're doing
-for writing, for reading, for loving, for a life passionately pursuing His love and mine. 
Mostly though, I believe 
We're -you and me- doing a damn good job in trying to honor Him and that He'd concur.
That we're going to get it wrong more than right, but He's still God.
Love wins: His, yours, mine, ours. 


  1. "We're -you and me- doing a damn good job in trying to honor Him and that He'd concur.
    That we're going to get it wrong more than right, but He's still God." I have to remember this! We are going to get it wrong more then right. Printing this out and putting it on my computer screen at work!

  2. This is so great.
    I have an i believe post coming tomorrow, but it isn't nearly as deep and God-honoring as this.

    You found some beautiful art.
    need to print some of these out.

  3. i just teared up a little bit, because i saw some of the words in my personal creed written out on YOUR blog. and it's so weird how someone can be your soul sister when you've never met and live across the country from each other. and you are wonderful.

  4. You are seriously so cool. I adore you.

  5. I'm so glad I found this post. To hear you talk about your faith, even in a 'drive-by' way is quite lovely. There is so much in this post that I could write endless comments about, so much that relates to how I feel/think. I just found your blog and I feel as if I've known you all my life. (Is that weird?)

    I just, idk - I'm at a point where I'm lacking words and just more filled with emotion (positive emotion). All I can really say is just, thank you for this - thank you for being honest.

    Zauni | The Kind Side

  6. Girl, check out their site... It rocks. Seriously, I love every single bit of their stuff.

  7. You are THE soul sister. Now, we just need east and west to come closer together so we can be REAL friends. :)

  8. Grace. So hard, but so needed in all aspects of life. Love you doll... And enjoy these last few months out there, although, I'm ready for you to come home to Cali!

  9. Emotion, good or bad, can be so overwhelming and so word-blocking at times. I understand that completely. :) Thank you so much for reading, resonating, and sharing Zauni. And for having a space to reflect on Kindness... I surely love it!


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