Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 Reasons I'm Glad I Rushed a Sorority

I swore up and down until I was blue in the face that a sorority would never be the place for me. I was sure my conservative, rule-following, nervous about large groups of women self wouldn't find it, much less find a place to call home in the madness that is college. Then sophomore year came around and I still hadn't made any good girl friends. I was disappointed and felt lonely about returning to school. That is, until my (real life, blood) sister encouraged me to rush with tales about the shenanigans and bonds and memories and resources that her sisters were to her.

I'll give it a go, I resolved. And so I did. I found a group of golden-hearted women who enriched every part of college and so much of the life hereafter. But, like any good blogger, I narrowed it down to five of my favorite reasons I'm thankful I took that crazy step into Greek life:

1. Pride in a group and a cause.
I had no idea when I first got bid card that I'd come to bleed wine and blue (or so we say). The pride I felt in the accomplishments of our chapter in my three years of membership is something I hadn't felt as part of a group previously. From our philanthropic surf competition to our chapter pride on campus to our sports teams, I was excited to cheer alongside my sisters. Wearing our letters felt like flashing a family name, something I came to hold near and dear to my heart (even now, three years graduated).

2.  Mastering the art of improvisation.

From Thing 1 and Thing 2 to Jessie and Woody to Sandy and Danny, I learned how to improvise. College isn't the place where budgets abound, but costume parties are the bee's knees and so you learn to (in the words of Tim Gunn) "make it work". We're not headed to costume parties as often as we were back in the day, but when one does arrive, you can bet your tush we go all out with what we've got in our closet. 

3. Proof that I could have girlfriends.

I was one of those girls that always said I just got along better with guys. I was also one of those girls who said that to make up for the fact that I felt like I couldn't connect with other girls. And that made me sad, discouraged, lonely. My sisters -all one hundred of them- taught me that I could not only make, but love and cherish girlfriends.

4. Friendships that last outside 
of parties, classes, and study meetings. 
One of my sisters brought her son over to our new house about a month ago. Did we have any idea at our first fraternity-hosted party that we'd be sharing our families one day? No. Not one. Did we think we'd live just a few minutes from one another and wishing for double dates? Nope. Did I think my brother would intern under another one of my sisters? No way. Would I realize that I'll always look forward to the silly texts and Facebook messages we send back and forth? Uh uh. Not that either. But, I do. These women were a very large part of formative years in my life and, well, they shall stay that way.

5. Mr. Thomas.

Not every one of my Greek sisters met a man and married him, but many did. Your social calendar quickly becomes full of activities sometimes as sisterhoods and more often as coed events. From fraternity rush week (que: Amber and Jason's introduction) to theme parties to serenades, there's all kinds of coed goodness. Still to this day, I believe I wouldn't have happened upon Jason without the common interest of our Greek affiliations.

Moral of the list and associated stories: my sorority enriched, not only, my college experience but my life and I'm pretty damn sure it'll do the same for you.

Questions about rushing: let me know. 
Did you love your sorority? Leave a little comment sharing your favorite parts. 

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