Monday, July 15, 2013

Words & Letters [6]

Dear Blog, I'm getting a hang of this suddenly. Life's going to come and screw this balance all up, but for now -we plan. prepare, brainstorm, and -mostly- we enjoy. 

Dear Friends, Your support is overwhelming. Seriously. Literally. Life sucks some days, then you share some love here, or here, or here and my heart explodes a little bit. Thank you. 

Dear my Newest Hero, Though I don't know you, I have one word: phenomenal. That's it. This is phenomenal. And dear Teleprompter, Seriously you didn't notice that?!? 

Dear Mama Arnold, I literally cannot wait to celebrate Baby. He's going to be so handsome and so spoiled and so loved. Plus, he's got some rockin' parents. 

Dear Brittany, I love shoes. You had me at "women to stop hating themselves", then I fell head over heels at the shoe metaphor. I'm a flat, sparkly, sandal girl... But sometimes I adore wedges with a patterned... wedge. 

Dear Jason, Congratulations on one end and another beginning. Transition is fun for you and seeing your joy makes me joyful. I guess that's what marriage is all about, right? 


  1. Hey Amber
    Saw you and your mom jogging out on Temecula Parkway on Sunday morning - was going to honk but thought that might be kind of creepy and weird to get honked at by some bald guy in a Camry while you were out running... Hope all is well with you guys

  2. Ummm, where have I been?? This new blog design is AMAZING!!! Absolutely loving it x

  3. All the food looks so good!! I wish my mom lived close enough to do a book club- sounds like so much fun!!


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