Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth is over already? Now what to do with all my red, white, and blue?

Oh it's the Fifth of July. And my heart is still flowing over with all the American pride partying we did yesterday. So here I come to grace you with photo documentation of my joy. 

Every year we host a float in the town parade. We deck out this 1962 John Deere tractor and fill it with screaming friends with hopes of taking the Top Spot Float Award... Illusive this far. (Though this year's results have not yet come out... Cross your fingers for us!) 

Here's the before: 
And the overjoyed, elated, yet oh-so-sweaty after: 

On my fourteenth birthday my dad woke me up at 7:00 am and said he had something to take up with me now that I'm sort of grown. Of course, I was mentally preparing myself for another birds and bees talk... When he dragged me out into the backyard and pointed to his beloved tractor.

"That," he said, "is about to be your newest skill." My thick head thought I'd get a lesson on tractor mechanics and detailing... Until he had me sitting atop the seat and driving down our desolate street. From that day on, it was love.

The puttering of the old engine, the rudimentary mechanics that run the machine without fail, the beautiful green and yellow have allowed this darn tractor to capture our family. Its strength totes around a trailer overflowing with bodies and bubbles. Its consistent idle calms the nerves and provides a rhythm for the ebb and flow of the driver's thoughts. Its that perfect place when your hands need distraction, your heart needs a break, and your mind won't slow.

Just as it provides a noisy "quiet", it also hosts a crowd with little effort. As onlookers gather to check out the retro farm equipment, he stands confidently and calmly while we flurry about loading kids on the seat, fussing over the gas lines, oil, and throttle, answering a million and one random questions. It's true: Nothing does run like a Deere.

And sometimes that Deere attracts the funniest of friends. Like Smokey Bear. We're always game for a good photo op. (Got to keep on picking up blog fodder!)

Once we're done showing off the sexy tractor, we head home for un-decorating, drinks, lunch, and the pool. Ahhhhh, the pool. But there's no fun in un-decorating without a little repurposing of sorts.

Since I own more red, white, and blue than is socially acceptable and there's only one day a year I can max myself out on the stars and the stripes, an outfit change is a necessity. Plus, I perspired nearly five gallons worth of salt water at the parade and I've never heard of sweaty swag so new threads are vital

Hello happy striped shirt and poofy American Apparel skirt that makes me look like I weigh fifteen more pounds than I did in the morn. 

I always look good for the fireworks. Always. I don't want those big flashy lights to outdo my outfit... Or I look like I've made myself a hoodie out of smurf pelt. Jealous much? 

Great weather. Great clothes. Great people. Great fireworks. Great day. Until next year July Fourth. Until next year.

P.S. Did you notice the new look around these parts? Bangin' huh? Thanks to my dear blogging buddy Angi the digs got a major upgrade. Check her out guys... She's affordable, so easy to work with, and had this sucker renovated in less than a week. She's the Target of blog design (and you all know how I feel about Target).


  1. John Deere tractors are big in my family! Whenever we're watching a parade, everyone gets so excited if it's a Deere coming down the street. Between my grandma, my grandpa, and my uncle there are 3 John Deere's in the family but I haven't driven one of them in years.

    It looks like you had a great 4th of July--I love your outfit change! :P

  2. love the new design girly! it's very you!


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