Monday, July 1, 2013

Bless my lucky stars. And the USA.

It's the week of the Fourth! This makes me want to jump up and down and swing my arms in the air and celebrate the good ol' red, white, and blue.

While I adore Christmas and the decorations and snuggles of the season plus the celebration of Jesus and His many important gifts to me, the Fourth is my absolute favorite day of the year. The sun, the waving of miniature flags, the red, the white, and the blue. Love.

We live in a small town and participate in the parade every year. Who doesn't love to ride around on a tractor and wave to a bunch of screaming, sweaty kids and their hot-as-desert-rocks, but enjoying-the-break-from-entertaining-their-kids parents? It gets me every time.

Seriously though, how lucky am I to live in a country where we can hoot and holler at people dressed patriotically for an hour with reckless abandon? Bless my lucky stars. And the USA.

Some days it feels like 'Murica is sliding downhill... Slutty superstars, weight obsessions, the "police of the world", birthplace of McDonald's, international spies, blah, blah, blah. I hear it folks. And there's times I'm a frustrated citizen of my very own homeland. Then I remember, every family has it's ugly moments... Has the times when one member -or more- doesn't love what the family stands for. But, you don't leave. You initiate change. You make an active choice to eradicate the ugliness associated with the name and you move in a positive direction.

So this Thursday, let's wave our flags extra enthusiastically to remind ourselves of the freedom of our American family. Let's hoot and holler in thanks for our armed forces protecting day in and day out both at home and overseas. Let's sport the red, white, and blue with more gusto, more excitement, and more family pride than any land has ever seen. (Plus, I've never seen anyone look bad in that combination of colors)

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