Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Words & Letters [5]

Dear Neighborhood Hawks, You're beautiful. And watching you soar through the sky makes me happy. What's life like up there? 

Dear Twitter, I just don't get you and don't know if I ever will! Why are you so hard to get a hang of?

Dear Grammar, I love you. I wish more people (especially writers) were more fond of you. 

Dear Lisette, So many of your posts resonate with me... But this one, oh how you've hit the nail on the head. Thank you for being bold and for sharing. 

Dear Des, Chris Harrison and Soulja Boy, Really? That music video is almost as hilarious as the potential of the weirdos we're pretending are suitors this season. 

Dear Jury Duty, This will all be worth my "time off" from work if I get put on an interesting case... If not, I'm going to be nothing short of a Bitter Betty. Be warned. 

Dear Mr. T, Thanks for appreciating my insanely improved bacon cooking skills! I may add that to my resume. Yes? 

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