Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Words & Letters [4]

Dear Readers, I'm at a loss for words and inspiration lately. It's left me busy on Pinterest updating my Inspiration Board. Care to contribute? 

Dear Sunshine, Oh how happy you make my skin. 

Dear Jen Hatmaker, You've changed my life with 7. I'm praying over and putting together my own five month stint of it. (readers, more to come here) 

Dear 10 Pounds Gone, Thank you for your departure. Let's not sneak back up on each other over time again please? 

Dear Floral Blooms, You make me and my heart happy. Thank you for lasting so sweetly on the kitchen table and for greeting me with a smile every night.

Dear Mr. Thomas, Feel better already. It's been twelve hours and I'm itching for you to be your healthy, lively self again. 

Dear Target, You really do do it again. Goodness you're too good to be true. And you're unhealthy for my wallet. But Target, do it again. And again. And again. Please. 

Dear Mama Bird, How do we always end up with such crazy ideas? It's what keeps life fun... Especially in those moments. Can't wait to take on The Handful with you. 

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