Saturday, May 11, 2013

Words & Letters [3]: Mother's Day Edition

Dear Mama Bird, Happy Mother's Day to you. I still think it's an abomination there's only one day a year (other than your birthday) to celebrate you. Maybe we can invent another day dedicated to Partners in Crime? 

Dear Running Partner, We're already firecrackers... But if we're going to take on the task of getting even more ripped, I'd only do it with you. We're the Jay-Clay-Anthonay of Cabrillo. 

Dear Mom, You have phenomenal style girl. Oh wait, so do I. Thanks for owning 50% of the same clothes as me. We always look so damn cute. 

Dear Hot Tamale, Thanks for my first ever cock for the kitchen and enjoying our everlasting love for everything rooster. 

Dear Chrissy, Although you're getting all the credit, I enjoy hanging out with the man you chose to be your husband-my father. He's so silly and brings a smile to my face and my heart. 

Dear Madre, Hazel really appreciates your forgiving heart. And so do I. She has an honest to goodness love for the awesome new wood you got put on your patio cover. Gosh darn her. 

Dear Partner in Crime, There's nobody else I'd like to make questionable choices with. Skydiving, the Ragnar, The Amazing Race, and a cruise are still on my list of to-dos for us. You there? (Don't be a square)

Cheers to us. 

Baby Bird-Running Buddy-Am-Hija-Princess-Hot Enchi-wa-wa-Amber-Leader-in-Crime-Sis

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