Friday, May 3, 2013

Seriously… I’m obsessing over Social Media

I know, I just wrote about Facebook. Now I’m back talking about Social Media as a whole. Holy smokes Amber. GET OVER IT.

I’ve issued myself a challenge. If you’ve been around a while you know how I love them. It’s not a funky diet or workout or bible thing… It’s a social media attempt. I shy away from writing about the mundane; thus, no twitter. Blogging only happens when I feel like I have some super, extra, specially important to share. Facebook is more of a friends’ news flash feed than communicative forum. So, the challenge: Remove so much pressure to be socially, mediated-ly profound and participate. Period.

Keep the over-thinking, the wondering and what-if-ing to a minimum. Maximize creativity. Try things I've never tried before... Like sharing 140 character thoughts and snippets throughout my day.

(not quite so much of using the noodle and more of letting my fingers write away)

Meaning, I’ve got myself a twitter. Facebook is restarted… Not only for me personally, but also for the blog. I'm still snapping and posting on Instagram (which I love to do). Write, write, write and dare to post. Engage with me friends, it’s encouraging and fills my little heart with joy. (More logistically, I'll be adding buttons to link to all of the above... But I've only got so much time in the day!)

In all honesty, the challenge is not so much getting started, but the marathon nature that a month can feel like. Sounds dramatic I know, but I like immediate gratification. Anything requiring more than a solid week’s effort on the web makes me want to scream. This time I’m determined to make it.

(literally happier running a marathon than being consistent in writing and engaging online)

Now that we’re past that part, I’m off to watch my sister-in-law get married. I tailored my own dress (in that, I bought it… Wanted it to be more, so added to it). Check it out on Instagram. I may have to submit myself to Project Runway. Alright, I get it… I’m not quite there yet. But a girl can dream?

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy your weekend... Especially since it's finally feeling like summer 'round these parts!

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