Monday, April 22, 2013

Words & Letters [2]

Dear Glittery Birthday Card on my Beside Table, Though it's been a month since my birthday you still make my mornings so "Happy". Your sparkle-y goodness is simply contagious. 

Dear Bathroom Scale, Unfortunately, I need to get over you. We have too cozy of a relationship and somehow I'm the only one who leaves our moments together sad and disappointed. Time to get over it. 

Dear Mr. Thomas, You've been quite the handyman lately. It's hot. Except I might get you a tool belt and hardhat to make you seem hardcore. Or at least look like one of the Village People... How do you feel about the YMCA? 

Dear Old Navy, I am a Rock Star and your jeans make me feel so. Who would have thought it possible? Not me. But I'm a believer now. 

Dear God, I get good, I get lazy, I get convicted, I get complacent. You remain the same. Thanks. We both know I can use the constant in my life. 

Dear Road Bike (as in bicycle), I feel like I'm getting the hang of things now. And the amazing weather has definitely helped us spend time together. You're pretty fun and a little bit challenging on my quads. 

Dear Kate, Found you on the Huffington Post and I could spend days reading your blog. Thank you for your honesty, for challenging our thoughts (as American men and women), and for daring to be different. It encourages me! 

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