Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Words & Letters [1]

Dear Facebook, It's been 5 days. I don't miss you a lick. Except when I needed to set my Bloglovin' account up and they would only link to my Facebook. 

Dear Mr. Thomas, Have I mentioned I love your last name? Oh and your sense of humor. And how we endured 105 degree heat and 25 degree cold in the last month. Cool, huh? 

Dear Spring, You came, you sprouted my garden, then you left with some serious wind and cold. Come back please? My toes and spring dresses miss thee. 

Dear God, I am getting it though words come rough lately. Thank you for lessons, for grace, and for Your son. 

Dear American Eagle, Thanks for 40% off, though I question your sizing and it's variability. 

Dear White Sugar and Carbs, It's been nice, but my metabolism is different now. Hopefully you can find someone else to love... Just like the traditional duster did when Swiffer came along. 

1 comment:

  1. My sweet friend, I am so proud of you and really have to commend you on these letters... It takes a big person to delete facebook and carbs/sugar. i can't say I am big enough to do either just yet but you are an inspiration...

    Thank you x


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