Monday, April 1, 2013


24th birthday quickly turned Mammoth snow trip turned back to work April Fool's Day. Holy heavens, life happens fast.

I love the snow. It was my dad's special place in the world... And it's like spending time with him even in his absence. Amazing... So much so I couldn't help posting on Instagram. (Apologies for the repeats dear friends)
(skiing just 100 feet under the cornice gondola made my trip) 

(so shiny bright Jason kept his eyes closed...)

(Better Off Dead... Channeling Jon Cusack circa 1985 - the first crush I can remember having)

(we've got a thing for long-horn skulls... see them on our hats!)

I'm ready to go back. Too bad winter's making a fleeting exit. I guess I'll work on my tan in the meantime.

Easter. Beautiful. And yet more difficult for me this year than ever before. Like I told Jason on our way to the Annual Easter Paddle Ball Tournament... "Today I'm sad and happy. My heart wants to sing for joy, but really deep inside myself, I long to lay in bed and cry." How confused do I sound.... That's how I feel folks. Confused. So much more than can be shared here. But I'm exploring it, and planning on sharing.

Also, you may notice the comments allow for no more anonymity here. If you're big enough to have a hurtful and attacking opinion, you're big enough to leave your name. This is a space to share, to inspire, to laugh, and to cry - not to personally attack me, my life, or any other readers.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but no one is entitled to spread hurtful words.

While much of my life is fair game, there are pieces that remain sacred to my marriage, my family, and just plain old me. I appreciate those who truly love this blog, my words, my perspective, and, most of all, me. Those of you who don't, kindly respect the community here by stepping out and being toxic elsewhere.


  1. I am so jealous of your skiing trip - it looked awesome and I loved following on Instagram :)
    Keep writing from the heart precious friend x

  2. Happy 24th Bday!The slopes look incredibly fun. I just got back from Alaska and went cross country skiing. Similar name and game except there's uphill climbing, which no one loves. Except olympians. But whatever.

  3. I'm guessing your comments are in response to my "anonymous" message regarding your lack of compassion for those in a less fortunate situation than yourself. For the record, I wasn't posting anonymously for anonymity, but rather it was faster. Besides, even with my user name, you don't really know me or if it is even a real name.

    With regards to your comments about your blog being a "space to share, to inspire, to laugh, and to cry," you might want to consider taking your own advice, because your game of "high-low" was not only extremely lacking in compassion, but also very unkind to those it referenced. Hopefully, none of them ventured onto your blog to see the ugliness or experience the humiliation of being the main topic.

    I realize that you are quite young yet, with lots of world experience and learning to come, but you really should consider putting yourself in another's shoes before posting such unkind gossip on a public blog. I read many blogs for many different reasons and until that particular entry, I had always found yours to be worthwhile and interesting. It is not often in this day and age that we see someone from your generation with such a strong moral code and conviction to your beliefs.

    Perhaps my comments to you were a too abrupt and callous, and for that I apologize. However, I hope that you will realize how fortunate you are in life and that there are many people suffering right now. There is no way of really knowing what somebody else's "deal" is. Are they in that situation due to their own poor choices or was it out of their control and they just need a break? Compassion towards another, who is in a less fortunate situation really does goes a long way.


Feel free to share with me... In fact, your words do more for me than mine for you.

I reserve the right to remove negative interactions... This is a space to share, to inspire, to laugh, and to cry - while everyone is entitled to an opinion, no one is entitled to spread hurtful words.

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