Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just Another Monkey Evolving Into...

Today my heart is happy and sad. I feel like I've lost a dear friend... I've been reading this fabulous, faith changing novel and I have 22 pages left. That means I'm going to finish it. My dear question provoking friend is going to be put back on the shelf. And my heart breaks a little bit.

I've read books about faith and been inspired by the ideas and experiences of the authors... But Rachel Held Evans created a space within my mind where I could wrestle with many of the "fundamental beliefs" I was taught in Sunday School.

As a child that was raised in the church, I never felt I got the space to ask questions. Faith was only such in the absence of questions. Thus, be a good little church girl and focus on the answers. Unlike Evans, college at a public university produced big L life questions and made me wonder about salvation, not just of my dear friends and family, but of the greater population. 

Evans has pushed me to explore my conservative church upbringing and the relationship it has with my liberal education (a connection that I've never allowed to interplay previously). I've come to realize I need to know what I believe about God, about Jesus, about faith, and about life... Not so I can explain it to someone else, but for peace of heart and mind. 

Give Evolving in Monkey Town a chance friends. I have no doubt you'll be inspired and challenged and undergo your own little process of faith-evolution. 

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