Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thanks, Lent: Sister [5]

Dear Sister,
Thank you for you, sister. For bringing you to the table and allowing me the space to bring me. God made me to need strong women around me that speak into every bit of me... And you are a part of those people. Your honesty, humility, and humor make my heart happy to call you mine.
(I know that I sound like a lady-blogger who we love to hate on... But maybe she's a little bit right?)
Though a decade separates us in years and thousands of miles separates us in location, I've never felt closer. There's something to say for the sister who answers the phone at lunch time to help "practice" giving bad news... Especially when you're getting the bad news for the first time too. And who takes those falling-apart-on-Friday phone calls even though she's putting two boys to bed and spending time with her own husband while mine works in a phone-free lab. Oh I'm a lucky little sister.
Thank you for your boys. All three of them. I can only hope and pray for such a warm cozy family for myself. Thank you for bringing Adam into our family. He fits in so well... And he manages all our chaos so effortlessly. Thank you for your sweet sons. I dream of the days our kids play together and your sweet Charlie dotes on his cousins just like he's doted on now. 
Thank you for longing to be back on the Best, I mean, West Coast. Although we can't wait to travel to Florida, we can't wait to have your team here to see regularly... Even if it's in the middle of God-knows-where. 
And thank you for Rockstar Jeans. Seriously, in love with them. I only own one pair currently... But count on that changing in the not so near future... They can become my new favorite since the Skinnies I love are no longer in circulation. Who knew jeans could make such a difference in a girl's life? Not I.
Thank you Sister.
Love you.
P.S. This is one of my favorite, favorite pictures. I'm going to frame it.

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