Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy birthday my baby girl!

Dear Amber,

Happy 24th birthday to my baby girl. This year I'm not here in a physical or mental state, but I'm here in spirit. Buried in the cozy depths of your heart.

There's a lot of people standing around proud of you, though I'm not standing I belong with them. I know, you fail at things and that's frustrating. But, my dear girl, everyone does. Please give yourself a little grace. And remember for every five times you fail, there's an awesome success in order. If you ask me, that's more than good enough. No one really learns anything from being right all the time... So embrace the mistakes.

I know you want to be the size 0 you once were. But that girl couldn't carry a baby, didn't have a full-time job and husband, she wasn't losing her dad. Cut yourself some slack, Amber. You're doing the best you can with what you've got... Which is short legs, a long torso, and abs that will always be buried under some flab. Remember the amazing man that passed those genes down to you. No one's mentioned my weight as a memorable feature. So stop sweating it and start enjoying.

You love your job. I can tell by your investment in the companies. Keep it there. And fight for what you believe I'd want. Because you can't do the Minegar Legacy wrong. Sometimes the big risks are the only ones worth taking. Look at how my life turned out. Do you think I should have made it in the business world with no more than a few construction management classes? Nope. But it's about the heart.

There's haters out there. They're going to talk about you -things both true and false- let them be. Remember, if you wrestle too long with a pig in the mud you'll realize they're enjoying it. Hold your head high, lead with your brains and your heart, and you'll know success. They'll get what's coming to them.

Thanks for keeping an eye on that wife of mine. She's a handful and a quick moving little thing at that. You remind me of her with your spitfire ways and your style -that might just be because you two share closets. Regardless, you kids are her life and her safety net now... I don't know any four that could do a better job. Hey Amber, I know you weren't planning on life in Temecula, but it's not so much about your plans as it is His and how you respond to them. You're doing He and I proud.

Though I can't say it, I love you so dearly. And I want you to know that your Father loves you far deeper than I. You're precious and pretty and passionate. All three things combined with your sense of humor make you fun. Don't doubt how far those three things will get you in life. And when precious and pretty and passionate isn't enough, it isn't worth your time anyways.

I love you.

P.S. Keep driving that tractor. God knows everyone loves a girl on a John Deere.


  1. Happy Birthday Amber (though late)!
    I can hear your dad's voice as I read his special message to you. Good advice from a very smart man that we all can appreciate. You are one lucky girl to be his daughter and he thinks so too :). Blessings to you in the coming year.
    Much love,
    Aunt Gwynno

  2. Wow, this is so special but also heartbreaking at the same time. Thinking of you sweet girl and hope you had a happy birthday xx


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