Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thanks Lent.

It's that time of year where, in preparation for Easter, we give something up. I decided that I'd add something new to my plate which would, in turn, take priority of other (not-so-important) things. Initially, I told myself I'd just write more, but realized that would turn into a doozy between trying to come up with thoughts, themes, and topics. So, I pushed myself a bit and decided to write more publicly. That means here.

And then I got to thinking what Lent is about for me this year. And with all that's going on, it's about thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for your precious Son who came and surrendered his life in order to grant me the chance to come to Heaven and live with Your Greatness forever and always. Whoa. It means something so new this year, post-dementia. In my thankfulness, I realize there's this beautiful collection of people around me who deserve to know how much they mean to me and to more than me. That said, I'm writing 40 days of thank you notes. Publicly. In hopes of several things:

(1) I will be held accountable by those who read.
(2) You will be inspired to thank someone around you just for the sake of being thankful.
(3) My thank-ees will realize I mean it, but more than just a small card.
(4) To compile what it is about people that makes me thankful for them, then to mirror that in myself. 

Please enjoy. And if you don't, come back in 40 days and enjoy your regularly scheduled programming. (Side note: I am still planning on posting some of my writing outside of thanks, too -contingent on how life goes from here until Easter)

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