Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thanks, Lent: My Valentine [2]

Thank you Mr. Thomas. 

Thank you tall, blonde, mystery boy for coming crashing in to my seemingly perfect plan of life when I was least expecting, or wanting, you. You showed me what it means to pursue someone and that nice guys, in fact, don't finish last. You redefined -or maybe, undefined- what it means to have game. I'm so glad you didn't listen to the ridiculous gamut of reasons why we couldn't be... Because here we are. 

Thank you for proving that a 3.98 GPA can be paired with a sense of humor, good looks, and an unassuming charm. I thought geeks weren't allowed to have jokes too. But it seems you are one of those rare (D) all of the above cases that many teachers advise students against choosing. I'm so glad I didn't listen to them... Because here you are. 

Thank you for going to parties with the pregnant girl. Sure, fake belly, no baby. But I was the girl heavy laden with morals... No sex before marriage, no drinking before age twenty-one, no drugs, no cheating, no dirty fun. You handled it all like a consummate gentleman. Not once questioning my choices, but honoring them and, willingly, making them your own. That's a gift I will never lose sight of; undoubtedly, one of the most precious you've bestowed upon me to this very day. 

Thank you for making as many poor fashion choices as me and taking pictures in them. Anyone else would have told me to lay off the optical illusion print dress and got your blood drawn to check for jaundice in that mustard shirt. But I've got to admit, we look happy doing it and I know we were... And we are. 

Thank you for showing me what love truly looks like... It's not about flowers, cards, or Valentine's Day, but about dying to yourself a little bit every day in service and gratitude to the Lord that made us by providing for me. Your commute, your dedication to family, and your help with the dinner dishes make my heart beat a little bit faster... Not that a kiss good morning, goodbye and good night don't help! I'm thankful it isn't about the big R romantic gestures, but instead about the little r romance on the daily. 

Thank you for agreeing to grow old with me. I'm crotchety, bent on having my way, and love clothes and shoes a bit too much... Yet you'll have me just as I am. Thanks for pushing me to grow to be a woman more devoted to His heart and purpose and plan every day... Especially those days where I resist it most. 

You're a winner, you know.
Or maybe, I'm the winner since you're mine. 

Thank you.
I love you for all of time.
Mrs. T

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