Friday, February 15, 2013

Thanks, Lent: Hazel [3]

Thank you Hazel Gwynneth. 

Thank you, my dear pup, for becoming more aware of my emotions than I. You detect my worries and sadness unlike most people, but instead of asking questions or begging the point, you lay sweetly at my feet and snore to remind me of your presence. You lay your head in my lap as I weep, regardless of whether the tears are of sadness or pure joy. Your comfort doesn't go unnoticed, although I don't return the gesture sometimes. 

Thank you for putting up with your dad and I. We think what we think is fun will resonate with you... Turns out you hate water, especially that which waves. To be honest, dog beach was as terrifyingly horrible for me as it was for you. You were a sport for the day, despite the too many sniffing male dogs status. I'm sorry we put you through that... It hasn't been repeated because I'm still trying to get over the trauma of it all. 

Thank you for cuddling up so sweetly beside me you stinky thang. I know you hate baths and discipline, but it makes you so pretty and well-behaved. And trust me, you're nothing short of impressive. Your ability to sweetly snuggle at the end of the bed is so endearing, but your whopping seventy pound body is just a bit over my cuddle-buddy weight limit. Plus there's already two adults in the bed. You're cute... in the morning. 

Thank you for keeping me company at work. I know it's mostly sleeping, snoring, and sometimes chewing on a bone. But I check you out and enjoy your ability to relax while I'm busy being Ms. Business. The boys at the office adore you... Because your little booty shaking excitement just can't be ignored and, to be honest, you're a gentle soul, despite the way you jump. (I hate that and can't wait till you get that under control...) 

Thank you for wearing the cone of shame like a champion. Notice I didn't say walking in it... Because, well, you didn't. I'm sorry you hated that cone and your stitches. But, to be honest, one of you was more than enough for dad and I. You're beautiful, lovely, wonderful, but what would we have done with two of you! 

Thank you for letting Bubba man-handle you. I know, he's a whole lot of excitement. But that's what everybody loves about him Hazel. And you'll learn how to love it too! You know, you two sort of look alike, girl. Maybe you should think about shaving your 'stache? 

And finally, thank you for loving our brown eyed boy! Never did I think we could have a puppy that means so much to him, but you're his girl. And, truth be told, that makes you damn lucky. So, Hazel, cherish his sweet attentiveness, because one day you'll be begging for him while he's got his eye on a true, blue girlfriend of his own... Share your ball, give him kisses, and lay close when you two are hanging out because he loves your crazy baboon of a self -and that very fact makes you so lucky. 

Thank you Hazel-nut. 
We love you.

P.S. Thought you should close this thing out yourself. 


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  3. Hazel is sooooooo cute! I love that video at the end!!


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