Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thanks, Lent: Dad [1]

Thank you,

Thank you for teaching me that I could not only survive, but thrive, amongst men. You showed me that I actually did bring creativity and intelligence to the table when I was intimidated by the unlimited testosterone in the room. I had no idea I'd be working as the solo woman in a team of men for many years, but somehow, I think you did. My success would be inconceivable without the confidence you instilled in me time and time again. I'd love for you to witness the fruit of your efforts, but please know, it's all from the foundation you built within me. (Ironic, huh? Not just physical foundations, but metaphoric ones too!)

Thank you for dementia. I know, you'd be damned if this was something you thought up or chose. Although you are suffering and have for many years, my faith in your God, our God, is unshakable and mature beyond my years. Without you and your joy despite your disease, I'd still be busy worrying about the music I listen to, the clothes I wear, and the movies I watch. But life is bigger than that and you've proved it. 

Thank you for your sense of adventure. You once asked me if I thought you'd let me do anything dangerous. I said no. I lied. I think you would. You believed in living a life unhindered by fear and reservations, often this means erring toward the side of danger. I'm learning to let go and live more often now. Today, I went on Supreme Scream, hard to believe, huh? 

Thank you for your short Irish legs, round tummy, thick hair, and dimpled chin. I don't believe any of the other kids got all of your best features combined like I. And what I once hated about myself, I now cherish and love... Even if I wish I could rock some washboard abs and regular-length jeans from time to time. 

Thank you for your passion for concrete. Did I ever think I'd love some crushed rock and water mixed together so much? No, but I do. And I imagine this is a life long pursuit, just like you. Never did you think I'd be the one to pick it up. Or maybe you knew, just like you always did. Thank you for leaving that behind for me. A professional legacy I can only hope and pray I honor. 

Thank you for being a true friend to others. Because those people are being faithful to you and us in this time. It's restored my faith in true, deeply rooted friendship -something I was certain didn't exist. You've got something special about you (not that I didn't know that) and you have friends doing their best to honor that bit o' special. It's beautiful, wonderful, and a bit magical to me. 

I wish you could understand the magnitude of your life Dad. It was a big one with even bigger ripples in the pond around it. Your life was well-lived and leaves much to be gleaned and loved and enjoyed -I plan on doing that while on a beautiful beach with a drink in my hand one of these days. Just like you'd have wanted it. Margarita on the rocks with salt sound good? I'll order one for you too. 

I'm thankful for the man you were and you are.
I love you Dad. 

Your Baby Girl 

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