Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Dearest of Apologies

Pre-dementia, I'd call myself Judging Judy, willing to point all my fingers in different directions with absolutely hideous criticisms flying out into the universe. Mostly, I kept them to myself.

But those ones that I dare speak haunt me today. I didn't know the ugly that escaped me. 
Then, dementia. My high horse turned out to be a Trojan full of enemy soldiers here to dismantle the throne upon which I built for myself.

Now I find myself amidst the rubble, preferring ground level, wondering how in hell I got so self-aggrandizing. Oh, humility how painful thou art.

Here's a bitty sorry for my ugly, my friends. I'm sorry. So truly apologetic. 
I know I embarrassed you with my mean thoughts, words, opines. But know, I was really embarrassing myself. You handled my ugly with grace that did not go unnoticed -by me and by others. 
I'm sorry it took so long for me to come around.

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