Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get on with Getting On

It's been two weeks since we moved Dad. He'd tell me to get over my depressive complex and get on with it. Actually he'd probably say: "Stop your bitching. It won't do anything for anyone." Then pat me on the back and get on with life. That is what life does after all: get on.

This week I got on with it. Part of "getting on" for me involves needles. Not in a self-destructive, mutilating way... But in a commemorative way. I've got three tattoos. Both of my tragus (tragi in plural?) are pierced... Along with my earlobes. And, as of Tuesday, the peak of my pointed right ear -both ears are pointed, but only one is pierced.
 (The tragus is that little hard piece of cartilage inside of my ear...
You learn something new every day.)
Did it at Claire's. How pre-teen angst of me. The more I look and admire it (yep, I'm that self-absorbed even amidst the loss and pain) I realize it's just what I needed.

That little sparkley cubic zirconia perfectly accentuates a part of my body that is so oddly me. Something happened when I was born... Maybe it was being 18 days late and my big head in conjunction with my petite mom's hips... But the cartilage along the top of my ears folded over into a point. Like a Christmas elf. And that way, they stayed.

I've never been teased about them. In fact, no one ever really notices. Jason didn't until I mentioned it to him. They're understated, but fashionably me. And at 23, I am thankful God gave me that little bit of extra attention when He folded the round of my ears into festive points.
I get to channel Buddy the Elf all day every day (no tights required).

So what's your fashionably you?
And I'm not talking skinny jeans or polka dots here -though I do love both of them.
Take some time to find what He did to remind you
He spent that little extra time to ensure you were perfectly unique.
Then share it with me.
Either here in the comments, or by email, or Instagram should you fancy a picture.  

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