Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dead Men Tell No Tales

“Dead men tell no tales
[but those close to them tell damn good ones]”.

(Like the one time we went to Disneyland in the pouring rain and wore rain slickers all day...
And dad screamed his tonsils out on Splash Mountain)

My favorite part in moving my dad (can you have a favorite when the whole thing combines to feel like a true-blue shit storm?) was the meeting with the nurse and other key staff members. I spent two hours rehashing my dad in his entirety... While the information was for their reference in understanding his history and his current "phase" of life, it brought up a plethora of my favorite memories of him.

I got to relive his youth with Sister Wafflebottom and his countless troublesome escapades while in Catholic grade school. I shared his heart for family, for humor, for life. I had the chance to talk about his love to travel and the way he instilled it in us -his kids and his wife.

The Pirates of the Caribbean got it right. But they left out the stories that the 'dead men' leave behind  for their loved ones to embrace, enjoy, and share. My dad gifted me many things; but my uncontested favorite was his love for stories. Not just any story, but a damn good one at that. One full of adventure, humor, and that always left a moral behind on which you should reflect.

The moral he seemed to favor was many deviations of making your life one worth telling tales about; be it at work, at home, or alone; in the big events, in the dark moments, and all that falls in between. It's about finding a balance between the happy and sad, the good and the bad, the beginning and the end; then go out there and make your life into the most fabulous of stories.

That he did.
I encourage you to live like he did (and like I hope to) with much adventure, much passion, and endless love for God, family, and friends. 

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