Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We're Here... We're Back... Though We Never Really Left!

We're still here! 
Mr. T and me!
See... we're here. 

And looking dead sexy. 

We don't always wear glasses, 
but when we do they belong to my beloved Gramcracker. 
These puppies were fashionable... 
Ok, not since the 1970s. 
But who could pass up the opportunity to put on Gramcracker's sweet frames! 

There's lots of feelings,
being made. 

I'm sort of writing about them.
But there's this weird thing happening where they make more sense
after steeping for two weeks. 
Maybe my thoughts are like a fine wine.
You know, better with time? 

I miss you.
You miss me.
It's mutual.
'Nough said.


  1. Cute picture! Funny how things really never change, I used to call my grandma, gramcracker too. ♥aunt debi

  2. Mrs.T, how lovely you and Mr. T look in your glasses and adorable jammies! Please keep writing as I so enjoy the thoughts you put down on paper :)

    Aunt Gwynno

  3. I definitely miss you!!
    How are you? And married life? And your dad?


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