Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrating Mama Bird Day 12.12.12

Yesterday was a very special day. Not just because of the cool triple number repeat date... But because it was my Mama Bird's birthday! Yep, Happy 12.12.12 Birth-Day! If you've checked out my Instagram, you already know we were enjoying an All American Dinner at the local All American Diner... It came with a restaurant-wide birthday announcement. So fun!

(there was an angry, I-just-got-stabbed-in-the-thigh face theme throughout the night)

It only seems appropriate to share some of the biggest lessons learned from the birthday girl!
(This is not an exhaustive list... You'd be reading for days if I did you the honor of putting them all together)

1. Exercise is, in fact, important to sanity and regularity (even if staying in bed because it's so damn cold at 6:00 am seems more "healthy").

2. When in doubt, wear a scarf. They're always stylish and take your outfit up a notch... Or three.

3. Entitlement is ugly and only hurts you. Instead have a spirit of joy and thanks. Even in the trenches of loss.

4. Accessories so often make the outfit. Don't skimp. And, even more importantly, don't OVERDO it or you just look like a flasher at Mardi Gras.

5. The process of making - be it mod-podge, bedazzling, sewing- is therapeutic. So create, create, create. You'll bless someone with your creations in later days.

6. Chocolate chip cookies are the cure for any and every bad thing.

7. There is joy in grief. And more practically, a sense of humor can, in fact, be honed and grown in times of sadness.

8. There's no such thing as too many shoes.

9. Who cares what they think? Whoever they are should love ridiculous humor. If they don't, it's them that's missing out.

Lastly, but not least:

10. Moments and memories last for life. So make them. Cherish them. Sit in them and marinate.

So many years of joy and sadness, winning some and losing some, learning and loving all the same. You're a rockin' Mama Bird and wife. But more importantly, we -and I'm speaking for the masses here- have been changed for the better by your God-loving, country bumpkin, crafty spirit.

Girl, forty-nine never looked so good.

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