Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sticky Note Series: Be Bold

Lately, I've been spending time reflecting on what I want to live my life remembering... In hopes that keeping these principles mine, someone else will learn from them.

What better way to remember than Sticky Noting (a noun/brand gone verbal) them to my fridge and computer and bedside table and bathroom mirror and dashboard? Then, I realized you might care. And when I think you'll care, I share.

Amber, be bold

Regardless of what you do, do it boldly.

Everyone is just as nervous, just as seeking success, just as wishing for the best in every way, shape, and form, as you. So throw yourself into it, whatever it may be, and do it. Big, bad, and bold.

Be it your writing, your running, your reading, your cooking, your faith, your friendships. It'll be best in bold. And someone will be affected, caring, and changed.

That goes for you too reader. You, you, you. Are you getting this? Bold. Badass bold. Let's pretend we're big ol' granite bolders rolling around making this earth more bold and more beautiful. (catch that reference?) 

Go forth and bolderize!

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