Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Post for Which There is No Appropriate Title

I'm going to start this post and sound like every other
complaining, writer's block suffering blog writer.

I'll end it without being unoriginal (ish).

Consider yourself warned
(and promised).
Stick with me?

It's been 36 days since I've typed a single word for Mr. Thomas and Me.
36 days of bipolar blog feelings.
I'd think about Mr. T & Me and long for something, anything to write,
but would come up with three words.
"I've got nothing."

Then I'd think about my break and love the lack of pressure to write
but would come up with three words.
"I miss writing."

I don't know who pays attention here.
Who reads my words and feels annoyed, challenged, tickled, bored....
But I do know the numbers.
How they seemed small. Insignificant.
I wrote to feel important to someone, anyone, and everyone.

(Don't get me wrong I get plenty of attention at home;
but I long[ed] to be one of those big, cool, sought-after bloggers)

I felt immense pressure to show off my food, my home, my life, my dog.
To be crafty, original, snarky, fun.
And from the pressure grew frustration.
With my imperfections, my tired self, my not-enough-hours-in-a-day schedule.
So I quit cold turkey.
Told myself to get it together.
Figure it out.
Set my priorities straight.

I took some time to hang out with my husband.
To read some books.
To watch the Olympics.
To relax about the schedule, the series, the snapshots.
And to learn more about my God.
Yes, just Him and I.
Hanging out, sharing stories, all the fun, over a cup of joe kind of stuff.

And then, last night, 35 days later, it clicked.
I'm writing for Him.
He gave me this love for words, written, verbal, the like.
My hands were made for pen and paper...
Or keys and screen.
So, I write.
No pressure.
Just for His glory and my enjoyment.

I write because He's got something.
More than something.
And to be honest, so often, I'm boring and I've got nothing.
He's going to spice up my life.
(Colors of the world... Every boy and every girl... Please get the song reference)
And I promise to share it
Whether it's consistent or not.

You want to hang around... Sweet. I'd love it.
Not your cup of tea?
 I'll miss you.
(really, really)

But this place is for His words to come out of my not-so-politically-correct mouth.
I promise not to beat you over the head with a bible.
In fact, I just want to share my take on things.
And I'm still cooking, so food will abound.
And, come on, what's Amber without a splash of sarcasm.

How about a picture for the road?
An angry turtle ready to coast in the pond...
But forced to stay in a tub.

How about two?
My new bangs.
I know, lame picture, but I feel edgy for once in my life.
Yes, I need to get out of the house more often.


  1. Love that you are back I blogging! Missed ya while you were gone. You inspired me to start my own blog... Although I have only blogged once. The lack of Internet has really put a damper on that. But I have a bunch of ideas that I can't wait to get out into cyberspace.

    Keep your chin up and keep on typing :)

  2. A few things:
    1) I love you!
    2) I love the commentary on life
    3) we ALL go through times of frustration, uninspired droughts, writer's bloc, and plain old exhaustion.
    4) ahhhh bangs look good on you!
    5) God gets all the glory and we get all the enjoyment. Love that
    6) I'll never be politically correct. Whoever made up that little phrase and corresponding rules, I'd love to meet them and give them a swift kick in the face... or something.
    6) #SheReadsTruth. Jump on the bandwagon! Such great accountability within the blogging community.

    7) You make me smile.

  3. Aww..I think you got somewhere with this post. I actually read it through. Oh, and love the bangs!!!!


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