Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bad at Blog and Beach for Dog

I've been trying to reign in exactly what I want my blog to be.
I am so talented at so many things I've really had a tough time.
(insert snarky sarcasm detector blaring and blinking red here)

Speaking of blogging...
I believe every body is good at something.
I also believe every body is not good at something.
To take that one step further,
No body is good at everything.
The one thing I'm not good at:
fashion blogging.
Holy Hautelook, I love looking at girls that dress nice.
And are put together.
And wear heels with no abandon.
However, you will not catch me doing so.
Why? -you ask.
Let's see.

1. The only trend I am consistent at rocking is running clothes.

2. I've got short legs and a long torso...
This means most clothes don't fit in the way they were meant.
(i.e. not all pants were made to be cuffed, but all of mine are)

3. I own two pairs of heels.
And one pair is so untouched its dust bunnies have dust bunnies.
(did you know those things mate just as rapidly as cottontails? true story.)

4. You have to take "cool" pictures of your outfits in "cool" places.
Two problems here:
a. I don't do autotimer.
I know, practice, practice, practice, but no, I don't.
b. In expending on point (a.) I need a photographer.
I married a computer engineer.
He's really good at engineering computers...
Not pictures.
(this is also ironic because it's 110 degrees at a water park,
not "cool" weather, but a "cool" place
and still un"cool" clothes)

5. I'm awkward.
You read that right.
(I mean who isn't awkward with a floppy fish-out-of-water
but really, I'm always that odd)
6. I have a really cute dog whose wrinkly face never goes out of style.
So, I opt to exploit her good looks and charm rather than
attempt to pull myself together.

P.S. Speaking of dog.
We took her to dog beach.
Talk about a HORRIFYING experience.
Homegirl HATED the water.
Like HATE.

Please note the arched back to keep her torso as far away from the ocean as possible.
Oh, and we got her up to her chest then she wouldn't walk.
Yes, HATE.


  1. Amber!!! I missed your blog (although have been following on Twitter!) and I missed you too!
    So good to be back and such an awesome post too - love the awkwardness and the dog-hating-beach shots :)
    Caley -


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