Friday, June 8, 2012

Call me Green Thumbs.

Once upon a time
I bought a dozen seed packets and went to town planting a garden.
Mr. T rocks and put together the drip system.
And we worked the soil.
Then we planted those seeds.
Watered like crazy.
And crossed our green thumbs.
Maybe we shouldn't have crossed our fingers soooo tightly.
Because it's all kinds of green in our garden.

From the tomatoes...

To our green beans...
(and their Halloween ribbon that is going to help them grow!) 

Zucchini plants starting themselves out strong... 

While we wait for everything else to grow I was beyond excited
to see some beet shoulders looking mighty strong...

I guess I couldn't contain my excitement and I pulled them up...
Washed my beets and my hands,
roasted those puppies,
and enjoyed them in a salad.

Trust me.
It's the first time that I've got to eat something I grew.

All I can say is we're going to be
eating beets, green beans, and tomatoes galore
this summer.

After all of the garden work,
it's only appropriate to enjoy something cool.
And sweet... 
How about a chocolate popsicle treat? 
(did I mention these are clean? ....yep, you heard me right)

Fudgey Goodness Bars
adapted from The Little Red House

1/2 cup frozen banana pieces
2 cups chocolate almond milk (unsweetened)
1 can pure coconut milk
1/3 cup cocoa powder
Coconut sugar (to your taste)

1. Add all ingredients to a blender.
2. Blend, blend, blend.
3. Dip your clean finger in for a taster.
4. Sweet enough? Pour in molds.
(If not, add more coconut sugar and blend again)
5. Freeze.
6. Get your lick in' tongue ready while basking in the sun.
7. Enjoy! 

I had a little bit extra that wouldn't fit in our molds.
I drank it.
Like chocolate milk. 
And loved every drippy drop.
No joke.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bragging and Bacon Bits

Holy smokes two and a half weeks has managed to
just disappear into the twilight in the blink of an eye!
So it didn't just disappear, but I did.
But I'm back.
And the marathon is over.
Yes, I can breathe deep and enjoy some more free time.
(except I now have a head cold so breathing deep is challenging)

Before we go on any further can I brag for two minutes...
Just two, bare with me please.

Here we are at 4:23 am.
Yes, and we are IN the finish line parking lot.
That is an hour from our home.
That means we left the house at 3:23 am.
Which means we were up at 3:15 am.
Holy heavens it was early.

Here's our whole ensemble.
 This is as close to an outfit post as you're ever going to get. 
We always dress matching on race day.
And most days when we go to the gym together.
Everyone there calls us the twins.
You read that right, everyone.
We may be famous in our own minds.
(emphasis on: in our own minds)

Last shot...
Us after 26.2 miles of runningness.
Yes, we both ran the whole, entire way.
My legs were tired.
Not hurting me, but NOT interested in keep on keeping on once I hit mile 21.
There were still 5.2 miles left.
But I did it.
And somehow one of the race photographers got a picture of me smiling.
He is my hero.
One day when people look at the picture they will think I was so happy.
Little do they know....

And I'd hate to give you a post with no recipe...
So I've got a quick one for you!

Sauteed Salty-Sweet Snap Peas

(There's really no specific measures here, I just proportioned how Mr. T and I love it)
(These proportions included LOTS of bacon bits)
Snap Peas
Dry white wine
Bacon (Cut in pieces)
Dates (Pitted and sliced)
Pepper (to taste)

1. Cook bacon as directed on package (or how you do it on the regular).
2. Remove bacon from pan and pat dry with paper towels.
3. Reserving bacon fat sautee snap peas (with stems removed) until softened.
4. Add sliced dates and bacon bits.
5. Sprinkle with pepper.
6. Add dashes of white wine to deglaze.
(You don't want the juices to get too thin,
but do want it to be more of a dressing than a glaze on the beans)
7. Enjoy! 

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