Friday, May 18, 2012

Truth be Told

Some days instead of feeling like this
You know... Waking up ready to take the world by the soccer ball
and score from the half way line.

I feel more like this.

Ready to drop my head on the wooden floor and not move all day long.
Like "Hey sun thanks for coming up, but today's already not my day and
boy, oh boy, could you move across that sky a little faster?" 

Lately, it's been feeling more like the saggy head,
lazy bodied,
today's not happening,
kind of day.
But over and over again.

Does it help when I read other blogs and they're lives appear so perfect?
You know, delectable recipes that make my mouth water,
two kids who can speak three languages and don't ever eat with their hands,
hair that never blows out of place
and clothes that I could only wish to compliment my figure.

It's not perfect up in this blog.
Yep, Mr. Thomas and me.
I'm usually rocking flip flops and dry shampooed hair in a messy knot.
My skin breaks out like a hormonal pre-teens.
And that's just my outsides...
My insides, oh golly.
The days where I feel like a chubbo
 (my affectionate name for fat days)
vastly outnumber the days I feel like body rockin'.
(Shout out to LMFAO -am I for real?)
My bible may very well be collecting dust with how often I neglect it.
I can only imagine my God's frustration with me.

But He breathes life, strength, and spirit into me on those days.
Yep, THOSE Friday the 13th-esque days.
Where doesn't matter what you do it's just not happenin' for you.
He comes in, offers beautiful solace and grace to a hot mess of a gal
who'd rather find comfort in a honkin' bag of 100th birthday celebration Oreos
than in the words of her wondrous creator.
She who realizes the bible will make her better,
but leans into the sugary, guilt-inducing combo of chocolate crunch and sweet creaminess
of milk's favorite cookie because...
well, because she's a heathen.

"My flesh and heart may will fail, b
ut God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."
-Psalm 73:26

No disrespect by editing this verse.
More reminding myself, I don't have it all worked out.
I know there are going to be messy, ugly days.
Those messy days will outnumber the pretty, put together ones.
But He will provide my strength and portion.
Oh, my God is good.

So, here's to throwing out the cookies
(or at least enjoying one on occasion rather than by the package)
and enjoying Him, His spirit in you, His joy, goodness, and glory.


  1. perhaps all that running we have been doing early morning makes for a tired day ahead. two more weeks and we will rest...on the beaches of CANCUN! i will wear my finishers medal...even thru the metal detectors at the airports.

  2. Agreed. But I still think your blog is perfect :)

  3. Hope you are doing well... just wanted to stop in and tell you I'm kinda missing your posts :)

    Have a great day!


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