Monday, April 23, 2012

Breakfast of Champions: My Favorite Smoothie Mix-Ins

I know, smoothie, basic, why share?
I wrestled with posting about my favorite breakfast drink
(that has quickly become a routine)
and decided if just one person decides to try adding some not-so-conventional ingredients
to their smoothies as a result of this post, it is worth it.

Plus, one day when I'm tired of my blended glasses of breakfast bliss,
this will be my reminder of an extended period of love for frozen fruit and my blender.
The smoothie isn't all kinds of cooking enlightenment
(frozen fruit + yogurt + juice + a blender = BOOM!)
and as a result, I'm not going to put some fancy pants recipe up here.

I'm just going to share some of the things I love to add to mine.
Then maybe, just maybe, you'll share your favorite add-ins!
There's a feeling of excitement in being able to change my mix-ins...
It's like Cold Stone or Marble Slab gone health nut, morning pick-me-up.

Mrs. T's Top 5 Unconventional Smoothie Ingredients
(and their benefits)

1. Almonds
Whole and raw.
Just drop a handful into the blender and give them a whirl.
I love the texture they add to my otherwise-smooth smoothie,
and the nutty flavor is nice.
If you're not a big nut fan, the flavor isn't overwhelming so you can "hide" them
from your distinguished palate.
Little Interesting Fact: I skipped these in my blended beverage this morning
and I was hungry much earlier than normal.
 I am convinced (by myself) that almonds keep me fuller longer.

2. Uncooked Rolled Oats
Fiber, fiber, fiber.
These things will keep you... regular.
As in, you won't be a weirdo all because you have oats in your smoothie.
Or maybe you just won't have the whole bloating deal...
Warning: Rolled Oats come with some texture in your smoothie.
Texture that may get caught between your teeth.
If that's not your deal, skip the oats.

3. Spinach
Fiber (once again) and a way to up your leafy greens intake.
For those who aren't into the texture of spinach leaves (Bubba!)
or who prefer lettuce to Popeye's Veggie in your salads,
here's a way to sneak them into your diet without the ick-factor.
They will give your smoothie a green color...
But just imagine your biceps growing into pure muscledom and the color becomes bearable.

4. Dates
I was adding agave and honey to smoothies
(no, not at the same time!)
to sweeten them, until I had a blind date with dates.
Talk about a match made in Heaven.
These little buggers
(that really do look like cock-roaches minus me screaming and running around chaotically)
add sweetness while providing little surprise nuggets of chewiness.
That sounds disgusting, but I promise, it's divine.

5. Ginger
Ginger is like the PB to my J.
A little piece of peeled ginger tossed in the blender adds such a wonderful flavor
while adding a freshness to the fruit flavors.
Maybe I sound like a loony toon, but I believe ginger was made to enhance fruits
not just to kick up the flavor in Cuisine of the Orient.

Extra Special Bonus Material!
6. Unfiltered, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Have you heard about this new health trend?
I know it's not new to anyone but me...
But I'm trying it out.
Maybe I'll be an ACV miracle and lose twenty pounds and become a poster child!
(More likely NOT, but I can dream right?)
I don't so much mind the favor of ACV, but for those who do...
Add it to your fruity smoothie rather than trying a quick chug of a glass of spiked water.

What quirky fun do you add to your smoothies?
I can't wait to try out your favorites and add them to mine!

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