Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Ten Days of Real Food Did to This Girl

(Here's me loving some dessert... Sugar, sugar, sugar)
I may or may not have mentioned my hair-brained idea to eat clean for ten days.
I didn't go all the way.
(Get your mind out of the gutter you silly goose!)
But really, I didn't do the eat strictly local and organic...
Mostly because of the cost and Mr. T and I's dream to live in a house of our own one day!
(Yeah, I want to be healthy, but I've got a budget to keep)

Ten days of real food.
A week and a half.
No big deal.
Try it, if I don't like it, then quit on day 11.
Unfortunately, that's not how it goes around here.
You see, I have a tummy that's as sensitive as a hormonal pre-teen girl.
One minute all's well, the next there's a major meltdown going on inside me!

At the end of ten days of real food,
my body has detoxed from refined sugar and other processed goods.
So much so, I get sick from the little slice of sugar heaven manmade nightmare.
The hangover I had from my birthday cake
(which was prefaced by cheesecake stuffed strawberries)
(and banana-caramel cupcakes)
was unbelievable.
I mean, the hangover of all hangovers.
Headache, upset stomach, lethargy... The works.

Needless to say,
ten days of real food have got this girl free of refined sugar for life.
Or for those of you with some street cred,
Fo' Lyfe!

While mourning my sweet and so-dependent relationship with sugar
seems like the fun thing to do,
I'm enjoying all the natural sweeteners I've discovered.
Like honey,
maple syrup (only the pure stuff),
juices (100% fruit juice),
(I'm thinking a series on the sweet stuff -from Earth!- would be all kinds of fun)

I'm not perfect.
Trust me, I've had a dozen tummyaches in two weeks.
There's something so alluring about having me some refined sugar.
But I'm going to share some of my alternatives.
Ways to swap healthy sweetness in for the (in my opinion) tough stuff.

If you're a sugar-avoiding master,
will you share some tips?
I'm a self-proclaimed sugar-aholic and I'm trying my best to stear clear of sugar,
but what satisfies your sweet tooth?

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  1. Look at DAMY Health on facebook. She has AMAZING clean yummy recipes!!! Be careful, they can be dangerous!


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