Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday

Isn't this cake cool?

I made it for Mr. Thomas' birthday at the end of last summer.
So proud of myself.
So proud.
I just wish that I had some kind of tomato looking thing.

But I decided that it's perfect for today because I feel celebratory in my thanks.
This Thursday I am thankful for more than I can put in a simple list.

An inbox full of eager emails.
A nursery thriving (at least for the time being).
A cat nap with a sweet puppy dog.
Business and busy-ness.
A dinner cooked by my sweet husband.
Running long with Mama Bird.
Eating clean and enjoying it.
Trying new and different things to improve my health and diet.
A neighbor's cupboard.
Hats to cover oily roots.
Cold feet in warm slippers.
Bible study full of laughs, memories, and friends.
Double dating with another married couple next week.
(Mr. T & I's first grown-up double date!)
Walking down memory lane.
Almost six months (just two days away!) with Mr. T as my husband.
My final name change complete.
Laying in bed talking until much too late at night.


  1. I Can Haz Cheezburger??

    No way. No way that cake is a cake and not a cheeseburger! LOVE IT!

  2. Cool cake! YAY FOR OUR DD NEXT WEEK! I can't promise that we will act like grown ups though!


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