Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Talk about Cake!

I'm sorry to interrupt our normally scheduled programming
(Thanksgiving Thursday)
for a quick birthday celebrating post!
Yep, today marks my 23rd year of life.
Two. Three.
Sounds so mature.
So post-college.
So married woman.
So career loving.
Oh wait, I guess that is me.
Hi, meet me, Mrs. T, celebrating the big two-three.
(Yep, I'm being immature and acting melo-dramatic)

(that's approximately 22 candles threatening to burn down the house!)

Rather than talk about how old and wise I am...
I decided to share some cake recipes I wouldn't mind partaking in this day.
(or maybe I mean this week...)

(Lulu the Baker)

(Joy the Baker)

Pinkalicious Cake in a (Mason) Jar
(The Family Kitchen)

Coconut Layer Cake
(I am Baker)

Just looking at all that refined sugar makes me want to brush my teeth and hit the road running.
But I am ecstatic about the cake the awaits me tonight!

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