Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Mr. T... Love, Me

Dear Mr. T, 

Just thought I should post these little pictures because Hazel is still so tiny.
Darn animal is already growing so fast and the days of carrying her are quickly ending.
Way to spoil the daylights out of that girl... 
I think she's starting to feel I'm lame.

You really are a rockstar of a husband.
(Not because you're really good at singing or playing the guitar...)
More because you push me to be a better person on the daily.
And you eat my meals: good, bad and the in between.

Thanks for being so good at admitting wrongs and saying sorry.
I'm learning to do so like you -emphasis on the learning part.

I'm excited for my birthday (surprise, surprise) and getting to start
celebration traditions with you.
I find such joy in knowing we get to continue and start family traditions of our own!


P.S. Hazel wanted me to tell you that she really likes it when you take her out...
In fact, she doesn't want me to take her outside anymore because you're so fun! 
(You know you meant to laugh and not roll your eyes!)

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